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Press Release for Media Briefing of the Shanghai Municipal Government on February 1, 2024


the afternoon of February 1, the Information Office of the Shanghai
Municipality held a press briefing on 2024 Spring Festival activities in
Shanghai. Fang Shizhong, director of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of
Culture and Tourism, Liu Min, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal
Commission of Commerce, Xu Qi, deputy director of the Shanghai Administration of
Sports, and Zhu Xinjun, deputy director of the Shanghai Landscaping and City
Appearance Administrative Bureau attended the briefing and introduced the
details of the city’s Spring Festival series of activities. Huang Wei, member
of the Standing Committee and director of the Publicity Department of the CPC
Pudong New Area Committee, Chen Xiaojie, deputy chief of Hongkou District, and
Wang Chun, deputy chief of Fengxian District, attended the briefing and
answered questions from reporters.


the Spring Festival, Shanghai Culture and Tourism will launch a campaign to
encourage people to travel and celebrate the Chinese New Year in Shanghai, with
a theme on Blossoms Shanghai in the Year of the Dragon. This campaign strives
to leverage Shanghai’s most resourceful and advantageous locales, enabling
culture to shape tourism and vice versa. Emphasizing the city’s urban,
comprehensive, and international features, it will introduce eight major
sections: perusing art exhibitions, exploring cultural museums, attending
compelling dramas, reveling in musical performances, delving into Shanghai’s
heritage, partaking in aesthetic education, touring scenic spots, and indulging
in delectable culinary experiences. A curated selection of over 200 cultural
and tourism options for the holidays in Shanghai is thoughtfully recommended,
crafting a Chinese New Year ambiance infused with metropolitan characteristics.
This initiative boasts three main characteristics:

The first
emphasis is on accentuating the urban aspect, positioning cultural and art exhibitions
as the premier choice during the Spring Festival. With over 200 cultural and
art venues citywide, more than 70 new, high-quality cultural and art
exhibitions will be unveiled. Notably, the China Art Museum is currently
hosting the exhibition, “Pictures of China: Artworks by Lin Fengmian and Wu
Guanzhong” as the third season of the “What’s Shanghai School” initiative. It has
swiftly ascended to the top spot in the national hot search rankings for
cultural and art exhibitions. Representing the most extensive showcase of Lin
Fengmian and Wu Guanzhong’s works in China, the exhibition features over 200
precious collections from major art institutions in Beijing, Shanghai,
Guangdong, and Zhejiang. Approximately half of these pieces hail from their
mature period, offering audiences an immersive experience into an epic artistic
dialogue between these two esteemed painting masters. Citizens and tourists are
warmly welcome to explore the China Art Museum to engage with the captivating “Pictures
of China” and partake in an enriching rendezvous with Chinese aesthetics. On
February 2, the third season of the “The Essence of China” cultural relics and
archaeology exhibition series commences with “Stars Over China: The Ancient Shu
Civilization of Sanxingdui and Jinsha” at the Shanghai Museum East. Curated
from 363 cultural relics sourced from 28 cultural and archaeological
institutions nationwide, this exhibition marks the most extensive
archaeological relics display of the Ancient Shu Civilization outside Sichuan
Province to date. The exhibition’s large-scale and highest-standard lineup
opened for reservations on January 27, with all 8,000 available slots booked
within a 5-minute window.

second focal point is to accentuate the cultural essence, making “the journey
of finding the trace of dragons” within the city an absolute must-see. In the
Chinese lunar calendar, 2024 marks the Jiachen Year of the Dragon. Committed to
upholding and promoting China’s exceptional traditional culture, we will spotlight
the traditional folk elements associated with the Year of the Dragon. By
integrating Chinese aesthetics into urban life, our focus lies on a novel
approach to discovering Shanghai's intangible cultural heritage linked to the
image of the Dragon, an initiative spanning the city’s major business districts
and scenic spots. Anticipating a remarkable turnout, the campaign to highlight
all these popular spots aims to engage a whopping 10 million participants. Continuing
the cultural celebration, the 29th Shanghai Yuyuan Garden Folk Art Lantern
Festival draws inspiration from the stories in The Classic of Mountains and
Seas. This festivity weaves together intangible cultural heritage lanterns, AI
interaction, themed performances, and other artistic and technological
elements. The result is a vibrant spectacle on “a night of fish and dragon
dance.” Shanghai’s iconic landmarks, including Shanghai Disneyland, Oriental
Pearl Tower, and Happy Valley, will launch themed activities and New Year
markets, offering both citizens and tourists an immersive experience to fully
embrace the richness of traditional New Year culture.

The third initiative aims to exemplify
international standards, fostering an environment where both foreigners and
Chinese citizens can joyously celebrate the Chinese New Year together.
Recognizing Shanghai as a pivotal showcase for Chinese culture on the global
stage, particular attention has been directed towards foreigners partaking in
New Year festivities within the city. To facilitate this cultural exchange, we
have meticulously curated the English versions of Spring Festival couplets
under the theme Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Shanghai. Furthermore, we
engaged with international ambassadors for tourism in Shanghai to record a
short video featuring celebrations by individuals from diverse backgrounds,
effectively conveying the festive atmosphere of Chinese New Year reunion and
joy to a global audience. This collective effort seeks to encourage more
foreigners and Chinese alike to partake in the shared celebration of the
Chinese New Year. In addition to these events, over 30 high-quality performance
projects, including the groundbreaking musical The Great Comet presented by the
Shanghai Grand Theatre, have been carefully curated. This musical, a
collaborative effort between Chinese and foreign creators and performers, marks
a significant breakthrough as it is entirely sung in English, venturing into
new horizons for Asian musical theater audiences. The return of the Broadway
classic musical The Sound of Music is another highlight, with SMG Live and the
Majestic Theatre collaborating to establish Shanghai’s inaugural Chinese New
Year theater market.

Shanghai is committed to enhancing the overall
service standards throughout the Spring Festival holiday. By intensifying
efforts in cultural and tourism market management, we aim to cultivate a
vibrant Chinese New Year festival ambiance that captivates both Chinese and
international tourists, enticing them to explore the enchanting facets of
Shanghai City Walk. We hope to showcase China’s rich cultural tapestry to foreign
visitors, highlight the unique essence of Shanghai through the lens of Chinese residents,
and create a hometown narrative that resonates with the locals.


tandem with fostering a consumption ambiance for the Spring Festival, the city
has inaugurated a series of activities under the overarching theme of the 2024
New Year Shopping Season. Emphasizing the motif of the booming business in
Shanghai in the Year of the Dragon, these initiatives underscore the dynamic
synergy between commerce and experiential engagement. Featuring over 400
meticulously selected products, the main highlights of this special event

The first focal point
centers on embracing the allure of New Year shopping, with a plethora of
enticing discounts on New Year goodies. Throughout the city, major business
districts and companies have rolled out exclusive New Year limited fashion
products and enticing promotions. For example, East Nanjing Road business
district is set to unveil the innovative “District Metaverse Space,”
complemented by an engaging online lucky draw. Meanwhile, Sogo Shanghai, a
prominent department store in the West Nanjing Road business district,
introduces the New Year Lucky Bags, covering a diverse array of thousands of
products. In Yangpu District, the Wujiaochang business district takes center
stage, issuing Yangpu New Year Coupons. In terms of brands’ new product promotion,
the city’s time-honored brands join forces for a “China-chic new products” New
Year joint exhibition, presenting a range of 150 new products. Internationally
renowned brands also make a mark by launching exclusive collections of trendy
products limited to the auspicious Year of the Dragon. An online New Year’s
Festival for purchasing special items has been introduced. Meituan has kicked
off comprehensive promotion campaigns, including discounted events on foods and
merchandise with luck draws. Douyin is issuing 20 million yuan in coupons for
New Year goods.

second aspect revolves around cultivating a refreshing experience, immersing
consumers in a vibrant atmosphere. Leading shopping destinations have
integrated the theme of the Dragon to enhance their surroundings, creating
visually stunning settings. For example, Yuyuan Garden business district’s folk
art lantern festival features captivating displays both locally and in France.
In the West Nanjing Road business district, Zhang’s Garden and Fengsheng Li
have unveiled a limited-edition lighting collection to commemorate the Year of
the Dragon. Rui Hong business district features the meticulous crafting of
handmade dancing lions and fish lanterns as intangible cultural heritage. The
PLACE, located in Changning District, features a Chinese New Year light and
shadow art installation centered around the theme of the Lucky Dragon. In
Baoshan District, Baoyang Powerlong Plaza is holding the Luodian Dragon Boat
exhibition. MEGA INCITY in Jiading District is collaborating with POP MART to
debut an exhibition of New Year-themed products. The culinary landscape also
mirrors the high standards of the New Year celebrations, with reservations for
New Year’s Eve dinners at time-honored brands witnessing strong demand. In the
realm of New Year’s food, the market of ready-made dishes has a stable supply,
underscoring the commitment to providing consumers with a delightful, secure,
affordable, and high-quality New Year’s Eve dining experience.

The third facet revolves around delving into the
new trends and nurturing fresh aspirations for a prosperous New Year market,
brimming with delightful flavors. Across major business districts, a myriad of
festive markets and pop-up stores have sprung up, each imbued with the
distinctive New Year essence of Shanghai. For example, the New Year market at
Disney Town, Shanghai Disney Resort offers a delightful array of New Year gifts
and delicacies. The LONGHUAHUI in Xuhui District hosts the temple fair-themed New
Year Shopping Festival. The Bailian Zhonghuan Commerce Plaza in Putuo District presents
the Dragon Tour carnival. In Hongqiao International Central Business District,
special activities such as the Panlong Tiandi New Year Temple Fair and the HUB
New Year Market infuse the district with celebratory fervor. In Jinshan
District, the First Place Market in Fengjing Ancient Town showcases authentic
Jinshan New Year products, offering visitors a glimpse into local traditions.
In Songjiang District, the Cloud Granary carnival combines folk customs with
cultural and creative market experiences, providing a holistic celebration of
the New Year. IQ Valley in Fengxian District features special New Year
performances. In Chongming Wanda Plaza, markets and temple fairs integrate
intangible cultural heritage art, enriching the New Year festivities with a
touch of tradition and heritage.

can stay updated on the 2024 Chinese New Year shopping season through
Shanghai’s “Government Online-Offline Shanghai” platform, the Suishenban app,
and the official WeChat public accounts of Shanghai Commerce and Shanghai
Consumption Promotion. Refer to the schedule on these platforms to fully
immerse yourself in the distinctive New Year ambiance across major business
districts in Shanghai.


this year’s Spring Festival, Shanghai is set to unlock the vitality of nearly
800 public sports facilities, hosting more than 20 national fitness events.
Embracing diverse mass sports activities, the city promotes national fitness as
a spirited way to ring in the New Year, fostering a vibrant atmosphere for
working out and doing sports during the Spring Festival.

surge in popularity of ice and snow sports has led to the continual unlocking
of new consumption scenarios, turning the magic of ice and snow into a source
of vitality. Beyond the more than 10 established ice rinks, Shanghai introduces
over 10 new seasonal mobile ice rinks, by transforming basketball courts into
versatile spaces for games in the summer and skating in the winter. This
innovative approach provides an excellent venue for citizens who cherish ice
and snow sports to indulge in their passion.

January 30 to February 4, the International Skating Union’s Four Continents
Figure Skating Championships 2024 is gracing Shanghai. The official opening
ceremony took place on February 1, marking the commencement of this prestigious
event. Recognized as one of the International Skating Union’s foremost annual
competitions, the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships stands shoulder
to shoulder with the Winter Olympics figure skating competition, the World
Figure Skating Championships, and the European Figure Skating Championships in
terms of influence, boasting grandeur, extensive coverage, and exceptional
competitive standards. Presently, Shanghai plays host to 112 outstanding figure
skating athletes hailing from 15 countries and regions across America, Asia,
Africa, and Oceania. These elite skaters converge in Shanghai to showcase their
prowess, offering spectators a spectacular ice feast. The competition includes
men’s single skating, women’s single skating, pairs skating, and ice dancing.
For residents and visitors in Shanghai, this presents a unique opportunity to
savor a magnificent ice spectacle without leaving the vibrant metropolis.

is the pinnacle of activity for national basketball and volleyball leagues,
with an additional highlight being the anticipated Shanghai Derby in football.
On February 25, the Hongkou Football Stadium will host the Chinese Football
Association Super Cup, featuring a showdown between the reigning champions of
the 2023 Chinese Football Association Super League, Shanghai Port FC, and the
victors of the 2023 Chinese FA Cup, Shanghai Shenhua FC. We invite citizens to
attend the match in an orderly, safe, environmentally friendly, and civilized
manner, exemplifying Shanghai’s urban spirit and refined style.


recent years, Shanghai has remained steadfast in its commitment to simultaneous
enhancement of quantity and quality for its parks, whiling refining both forms
and functions. This concerted effort has propelled the comprehensive
development of the city as a park-centric metropolis, striving to transform it
into an expansive haven and paradise. This vision is realized through the
implementation of initiatives such as “+ Park” and “Park +” actions. Currently
boasting a total of 832 parks, the city hosts over 800 organized park
activities throughout the year, directly benefiting more than 40 million
citizens and tourists. Parks serve as crucial spaces for leisure, entertainment,
fitness, and as significant platforms for promoting China’s rich traditional
culture. As the Spring Festival holds a special significance for park
activities, a series of engaging events will unfold during this festive season.
Embracing the Dragon theme and New Year elements, a total of 12 Spring Festival
park carnivals and 5 New Year-themed Gardening Lectures activities will be
launched in 10 parks across 7 districts from February 3 to February 29.

first theme centers around the Year of the Dragon. Encapsulated by the slogan
“The Auspicious Dragon Awakens Spring and All Things Are Found,” the Shanghai
Zoo is initiating a series of conservation and education activities infused
with the cultural essence of the Dragon zodiac. These activities revolve around
animals with homophones related to the auspicious creature. Simultaneously, the
Shanghai Botanical Garden is set to host the Year of the Dragon Flower
Exhibition, which showcases an array of plants associated with the term Dragon
in the featuring botanical wonders like the Dragon Juniper, Dragon Dance Plum
and Dragon Boat Flower. Moreover, the display includes over 80 species of
plants representing the 12 zodiac signs, incorporating more than 50 varieties
of New Year flowers. The amalgamation of these diverse elements creates a
compelling and festive ambiance, resonating with the lively spirit of the Year
of the Dragon.

second theme revolves around the customs and flavors of the New Year, heralded
by the upcoming 2024 Shanghai Guyi Garden Spring Festival Activities. Beyond
traditional New Year decorations, this event boasts a rich tapestry of cultural
activities such as dragon dances, lion dances, and shadow puppet shows. These
immersive experiences are curated to provide both citizens and tourists with a
genuine taste of traditional customs within a classical garden setting.
Attendees can delight in the lantern-lit beauty of the gardens while savoring
intangible cultural heritage and folk customs. Collaboratively, Xujiahui Park
and the Shanghai Conservatory of Music present the New Year-themed series of
events at the Former Site of Pathé Company. This collaboration promises
tourists a captivating natural ecological concert, seamlessly blending music
and nature. Moreover, during the Spring Festival, a series of Gardening Lecture
activities will be hosted. These events, taking place in locations such as the
Shanghai Botanical Garden, Yangpu Park, and Zuibaichi Park, will offer courses
including handmade flower making and plant science lectures.

third aspect unfolds the delight of experiencing spring blossoms. Shanghai
Chenshan Botanical Garden is poised to host a flower exhibition under the theme
“Blooming Flowers and Golden Dragons to Welcome Spring.” The exhibition
features peonies and alpine azaleas as its primary floral attractions,
promising visitors a unique and vibrant seasonal spectacle. Across parks such
as Jing’an Sculpture Park, Century Park, Meiyuan Park, Xiangyuan Park,
Xinzhuang Plum Garden, and Shanghai Haiwan National Forest Park, various
varieties of plum blossoms unfurl in succession, releasing a subtle fragrance
into the air. These blossoms create an idyllic setting, perfect for indulging
in the sweet scent, strolling through the park, and capturing picturesque

Chinese New Year flower arrangement for the Spring Festival in the city’s parks
and green spaces has been officially initiated, centering on traditional
Chinese New Year themes. This comprehensive display integrates elements like
Chinese dragons, Chinese knots, red lanterns, and the auspicious character
“Fu.” Carefully selected flower varieties with symbolic meanings and festive
colors are incorporated into the arrangement. By utilizing diverse forms such
as flower beds, landscapes, themed attractions, combination containers, light
poles, and bouquets, the streets and alleys of Shanghai are transformed into
vibrant showcases adorned with the unmistakable “flavor of the New Year.”