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Press Release for Media Briefing of the Shanghai Municipal Government on October 16, 2023


the afternoon of today (October 16), the Information Office of Shanghai
Municipality held a press briefing on the 5th Shanghai International Artwork
Trade Week. Fang Shizhong, director of Shanghai Municipal Administration of
Culture and Tourism, introduced the overall arrangement of the 5th Shanghai
International Artwork Trade Week. Zhang Yi, deputy director of Shanghai
Customs, Zhang Difang, deputy chief of Pudong New Area, Xu Zhi, deputy chief of
Huangpu District, Long Wanli, deputy chief of Jing’an District, and Wang
Zhihua, deputy chief of Xuhui District, attended the press briefing and
answered questions from reporters.

Shanghai stands as a global benchmark,
bolstering its cultural confidence while upholding values of openness,
inclusiveness, integrity, and innovation. It is firmly committed to its mission
of establishing itself as an “internationally influential artwork trade
center.” Over the years, Shanghai has made remarkable strides, notably hosting
four consecutive Shanghai International Artwork Trade Weeks, drawing in a crowd
of more than 100 artwork institutions, while spearheading a plethora of over
100 art-related events, and gradually scaling transactions to an impressive
figure exceeding 10 billion yuan. It has undeniably carved a niche as an
integral component of the “global art scene,” often dubbed as “Shanghai Time,”
an event one simply cannot afford to miss. In 2022, the cultural relics and
artwork market in Shanghai achieved a transaction scale of 12.853 billion yuan,
marking a remarkable 44% increase from the 8.9 billion yuan recorded in 2019. The
total import and export volume of cultural relics and artwork soared to 10.276
billion yuan, showcasing a remarkable 61% rise from the 6.393 billion yuan
recorded in 2019. Shanghai International Artwork Trade Week has now etched its
place on the global art trading calendar, joining the ranks of prominent cities
such as New York, London, and Paris. The total artwork transactions in Shanghai
have successfully exceeded the mark of tens of billions.

year, the fifth Shanghai International Artwork Trade Week is scheduled to take
place from November 9 to 13. The event will revolve around the theme “Global
Art in Shanghai,” putting a spotlight on Shanghai’s pivotal role as a strategic
nexus between domestic and international economic circulation. This thematic
choice will enhance the city’s reputation and emphasize the comprehensive value
of art in bolstering urban consumption and nurturing urban aesthetic education.
The city aspires to facilitate systemic innovation, elevate platform
capabilities, broaden subject matters, and enhance the quality. This strategic
push will expedite Shanghai’s transformation into a vital international artwork
trade hub, aiming to catapult the city’s art industry to new heights,
ultimately targeting a remarkable 100 billion yuan in trade value.

forthcoming trade week will be marked by three major distinguishing features.

1. Elevating openness to foster greater
competitiveness of the artwork trade week

This upcoming trade week is dedicated to
serving China, extending its reach across the Asia-Pacific region, and
ultimately benefiting the global art community. The focus remains on promoting
institutional openness within the cultural relics and artwork transaction
realm, intensifying the global allocation of art resources, and fortifying the
industry’s competitive edge and international influence across wider horizons,
broader dimensions, and deeper levels.

Firstly, we aim to scale new heights in terms
of event magnitude. This trade week is set to host over 100 art-related
activities, encompassing more than 100 exhibitions and transactions, as well as
more than 30 art auctions. This grand gathering will bring together more than
250 art institutions, both domestic and international, with a collective
estimated worth exceeding 10 billion yuan. Notably, four major art fairs will
take center stage this year, including the prestigious West Bund Art and Design
Fair, ART021, Shanghai Youth Art Fair, and YIT Online Art and Design Expo.
These art fairs will be executed at a level of excellence, further cementing
the status of Shanghai International Artwork Trade Week as an international,
professional, and diversified platform for art exchange. Significantly, the
10th West Bund Art and Design Fair and the 11th ART021 have set new records in
terms of participation. The former boasted 125 exhibitors, with 50% of them
representing overseas galleries, and featured over 30 leading galleries.
Meanwhile, the ART021 showcased the talents of 161 exhibitors, with 30% of them
hailing from overseas galleries.

Secondly, we aim to accentuate
its strategic liaison function. Throughout this trade week, galleries from G20
member countries, BRICS nations, and SCO countries will take part in the
exhibition. Adding to the global tapestry, 19 galleries hailing from countries
along the Belt and Road initiative, including Greece and Latvia, will also be actively
involved. Distinguished galleries such as Gagosian, White Cube, Hauser &
Wirth, David Zwirner and Thaddaeus Ropac will grace us with the presence of
more than 6,000 contemporary art masterpieces. In tandem, the 6th China
International Import Expo will further expand its “Cultural Relics and Artwork
Section,” with an expansive exhibition area spanning over 3,000 square meters.
A record-breaking 19 companies are anticipated to partake in this exhibition,
which will introduce nine new top-tier international art galleries, including
Pace Gallery and Lévy Gorvy. As a grand spectacle, the world’s three leading
auction houses, Christie’s, Sotheby’s, and Phillips, will unite on the same
stage for the third time.

we aim to institute measures to facilitate system openness. The trade week will
unveil the “Shanghai International Cultural Relics and Artwork Trade Service
Center Management Measures,” leading to the establishment of the Shanghai
International Cultural Relics and Artwork Trade Service Center, strategically
positioned in Pudong New Area. This dynamic platform will cater to the display,
trade, service, and management of domestic and foreign cultural relics and
artwork, fostering the swift consolidation of brands, institutions, talent, and
collector resources. Collaborating with Shanghai Customs, we will actively
support the on-site collection of art fair-related exhibits post-transaction,
delivering an environment that is both efficient and secure. This effort aims
to create a market-driven, legally compliant, and internationalized ecosystem
for artwork transactions, benefitting domestic and international institutions,
collectors, and buyers alike.

2. Igniting high-quality supply to bolster
consumer engagement during the trade week

This trade week will adeptly discern the pulse
of art consumption trends, maintaining a commitment to bridging the gap between
supply and demand through cross-sector integration. The aim is to stimulate
fresh demand for art consumption by delivering high-quality art offerings,
thereby catalyzing urban economic growth and enhancing the quality of life for
the people.

Firstly, we aim to lead the artistic evolution.
We are establishing an “art + consumption” collaboration platform, fostering
strategic partnerships between Shanghai’s art fairs, galleries, art museums,
and international consumer brands. This innovative approach leverages artists
to infuse inventive designs into consumer goods, art venues to provide product
launch services, and art institutions to engage in joint brand customization.
By actively breaking the boundaries and promoting cross-disciplinary
engagement, we are enabling art and fashion to harmonize on the same
wavelength, thereby empowering both art and consumption. Furthermore, we have
introduced an “Art Consumption Carnival,” launched the “Art Bund” terrace plan,
initiated the “West Bund Art Week” series of activities, hosted the Compasso d′Oro Design Exhibition, and presented MiHoYo’s “Zero-Empty”
garden party. These endeavors are designed to infuse art into consumption,
elevate consumer experiences, and invigorate the consumption landscape.

Secondly, we aim to deepen the fusion of
culture and tourism. We are forging robust partnerships with new media
platforms to collaboratively design and unveil the “Art Shanghai Map.” This map
serves as a comprehensive guide, offering a holistic view of Shanghai’s key art
venues and activities, connecting the city’s primary art hubs. It lays the foundation
for an experiential journey that combines “micro travel,” “art exploration,”
and “slow life.” Simultaneously, we are teaming up with travel agencies and
trave influencers to craft artistic life guides. These guides are thoughtfully
curated, meticulously tailored for Shanghai’s residents and both Chinese and
international tourists. They beautifully showcase Shanghai’s distinctive
Chinese essence, oriental allure, and its thriving international artistic
ecosystem. This transformative initiative invites people to “explore art
exhibitions, delve into cultural museums, savor captivating performances, tune
in to soulful melodies, and enjoy cultural relics,” making it a preferred
choice for high-quality urban tourism in Shanghai.

Thirdly, we aim to enhance promotion of the
city. In alignment with significant milestones such as the 10th anniversary of
the Belt and Road initiative, the 10th anniversary of the China (Shanghai)
Pilot Free Trade Zone, and the 10th anniversary of the West Bund Art and Design
Fair, we are charting a year-long journey with the monthly thematic concept “Art
Shanghai.” This initiative seamlessly integrates with the entire city,
sustaining a rhythm of art exhibitions, artwork displays, trading events, and
more. The aim is to craft a perpetual Shanghai International Artwork Trade Week
that never ceases, engaging art enthusiasts year-round.

3. Unleashing an
energetic brand and amplify the artistic reach of the trade week

This trade week will place a strong emphasis on
urban space, digital innovation, social aesthetic education, and other critical
dimensions. The foremost objective is to introduce the “Art Shanghai” brand,
with the aim of showcasing Shanghai’s relentless quest for beauty, aesthetics,
and a warm, inviting atmosphere. Through this initiative, we aspire to create
an environment where the entire city resonates with the essence of art,
inviting all to walk hand in hand with beauty in their hearts.

Firstly, we will strive to establish dynamic
artistic landmarks within the city. Within the overarching framework of “Global
Art in Shanghai,” four distinct art clusters are coming to life in Shanghai:
“Art West Bund,” “Art Bund,” “Art Suhe,” and “Art FTZ.” Among these, Art West
Bund is set to harness the collective resources of art museums and
institutions, including the West Bund Art Museum, Long Museum, and Tank Shanghai,
and will orchestrate 14 captivating art exhibitions and artistic events.
Meanwhile, Art Bund will host 58 high-caliber exhibitions across 32 prominent
venues within the Art on the Bund area. Suhe Haus gallery building will be
unveiled under the Art Suhe banner, attracting eight top-tier galleries to take
up residence, heralding the birth of a new landmark comparable to Hong Kong’s H
Queen’s. Simultaneously, Art FTZ will give life to the Shanghai International
Art Bonded Service Center, which stands as the world’s most extensive
art-bonded comprehensive service facility, equipped with cutting-edge hardware
to facilitate the seamless entry and exit of overseas artwork for display and
transactions, ensuring utmost convenience and efficiency.

Secondly, we
will proactively explore the realms of digital art innovation. This endeavor is
driven by a keen embrace of Generation Z, strategically navigating the exciting
landscape of the Metaverse, and orchestrating a digital transformation of our
art resources. Key initiatives include hosting the YIT Art and Design Expo,
unleashing the Exit art project in collaboration with the UFO Media Lab, and
the creation of the Metaverse exhibition hall at Shanghai Youth Art Fair, which
seamlessly blends the boundaries between the physical and digital realms. It
offers immersive interactions, crafting a comprehensive and hyper-realistic art
experience, injecting vibrancy and youthfulness into the city.

Thirdly, we will meticulously execute an urban aesthetic
education plan. The “Shanghai Art Season” will be launched, uniting nearly 100 art museums and the inaugural selection of
15 new art spaces in Shanghai. This season features nearly 200 art exhibitions
and nearly 1,000 urban aesthetic education activities. Notable highlights include
premiering major annual exhibitions like the 14th Shanghai Biennale, Zeng
Fanzhi: Old and New and Matisse by Matisse in Shanghai. For the first time, we will unveil the Shanghai Art Museum Influence
Index. Additionally, we will inaugurate the annual “Most Beautiful Posters”
collection. The “Young Curator Program” remains a core component of our
efforts, and we will present the second batch of “New Art Spaces.” These
endeavors are set to enhance the appeal of “Come to Shanghai to See Art
Exhibitions,” cementing its popularity even further.