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Press Release for Media Briefing of the Shanghai Municipal Government on September 26, 2023


On the
morning of yesterday (September 26), the Information Office of Shanghai
Municipality held the 14th press briefing on “High-Quality Development in Shanghai”
(Putuo District special session) under the theme of “Bolstering Sci-tech
Innovation Landscape and Living Beautiful Life along Suzhou Creek.” Jiang
Dongdong, Secretary of the CPC Putuo District Committee, took the opportunity
to present an overview of the district’s progress and the measures undertaken
to propel high-quality economic and social development. Xiao Wengao, Deputy
Party Secretary and chief of Putuo District, Jiang Aifeng, member of the
Standing Committee of CPC Putuo District Committee and executive deputy chief
of Putuo District, Wang Jue, deputy chief of Putuo District, and Jiang Long,
deputy chief of Putuo District, attended the press briefing and answered
questions from reporters.

unwavering commitment and steadfast leadership from the CPC Shanghai Municipal
Committee and Shanghai Municipal Government, Putuo District is wholeheartedly
dedicated to advancing high-quality economic and social development. We
actively embrace the role of a proactive node, diligently serving as a pivotal
contributor to the comprehensive reform and progress of Shanghai as a whole.

Inspiring robust growth momentum led by key innovation platforms

stands as our foremost driving force. Within Putuo District’s landscape of
scientific and technological innovation, we find the sturdy pillars of
China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai), the International Innovation Center of
Tsinghua University in Shanghai, Wuning Innovation Community, and Haina Town
Digital Transformation Demonstration Zone – collectively forming the bedrock of
our advancement. Drawing inspiration from each of these elements, we aspire to
craft the overall planning, wherein our scientific and technological innovation
strategy leads our industrial and spatial development in unison. As a testament
to our progress, Putuo District has demonstrated remarkable fiscal resilience
in the year to date, with district-level fiscal revenue reaching 10.43 billion
yuan from January to August, marking a year-on-year increase of 29.8%. This
growth rate stands as the highest among all districts in the city. Notably, we
have successfully executed 11 projects generating tax revenue exceeding 100
million yuan each and 123 projects contributing tax revenue of 10 million yuan each.
This accelerated pursuit of high-quality development is driven by our
unwavering focus on four key areas of work.

we fostered the cultivation of robust capabilities in scientific and
technological innovation. In Putuo District, we’ve galvanized the entire
community to foster the development of the four science and technology
innovation platforms. Our efforts are concentrated on reinforcing research into
critical core technologies and facilitating the seamless transfer and
transformation of scientific and technological achievements. Among our notable
achievements, the China-Israel Innovation Hub (Shanghai) launched the
International Digital Security and Ecological Operation Center and the 360 Urban
Security Brain program in Shanghai, together with the inauguration of a Tel
Aviv office, and the successful hosting of the Shanghai Digital Innovation
Conference and the China-Israel Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest Finals
for several consecutive years. As a result, more than 130 companies have chosen
to establish their presence within the hub, resulting in the implementation of
over 500 intellectual property rights. Simultaneously, the International
Innovation Center of Tsinghua University in Shanghai has been making unwavering
efforts to construct an integrated circuit research platform, propel the
development of three functional laboratories, and initiate the establishment of
the Yangtze River Delta High-end Think Tank Alliance. Over 40 high-tech
companies have been nurtured within its ecosystem. In a significant stride
forward, the Wuning Innovation Community was officially established on April 19
this year. It serves as a hub for various innovation entities, including
universities, research institutes, innovative enterprises, and innovation
platforms, all united along Wuning Road to foster the coordinated development
across the entire spectrum of government, industry, academia, research, and
application. Furthermore, the Haina Town Digital Transformation Demonstration
Zone has pioneered the release of the nation’s first prefecture-level digital
transformation index. We’ve also inaugurated the Haina Engineering Institute,
expediting the development of demonstrative application scenarios in the realm
of digital transportation, among others. Concurrently, through the
implementation of targeted policies and the establishment of the Suzhou Creek science
and technology innovation fund, we are driving the profound integration of the
innovation chain, industrial chain, capital chain, and talent chain. These
efforts collectively culminate in the creation of a dynamic and thriving
innovation ecosystem.

we stepped up efforts to bolster our industrial competitiveness. Putuo District
steadfastly adheres to the principle of “grasping industries and concentrating
on strategic sectors” as the bedrock for fostering high-quality development. On
one hand, we are dedicated to nurturing and elevating four pivotal industries:
intelligent software, R&D services, technology finance, and life and
health. Our diligent implementation of the “411 Doubling Plan” within these
sectors continuously elevates industry standards. Presently, these four key
industries collectively contribute a substantial 45.3% of district-level tax
revenue, serving as a robust pillar supporting our regional economy. On the
other hand, we have taken a pioneering stance by charting new pathways for
growth. We’ve successfully attracted several high-impact projects, including
the establishment of the 360 East China Security Headquarters, JD.com Shanghai
Center, and Hozon Auto. Additionally, we’ve constructed the city’s premier
Industrial Internet security industry demonstration zone and network security
industry demonstration park. This concerted effort has engendered a cluster of
emerging growth nodes. Moreover, Putuo District is actively driving the
transformation and upgrade of traditional commercial enterprises. Within our
region, you’ll find prominent consumer landmarks such as Global Harbor and
Bailian Zhonghuan. In addition, dynamic commercial districts like Tianan 1,000
Trees, Changfeng Joy City, MTR City Plaza, Sam’s Club, and Hema further enrich
our vibrant business landscape. Furthermore, new developments such as Max City,
T Center, and Hongshoufang are on the brink of their grand debut. These
projects feature multi-faceted designs and a diverse range of business formats,
poised to seamlessly amalgamate style and vibrancy within Putuo.

our efforts centered on enhancing the spatial capacity. Presently, Putuo boasts
nearly 10 square kilometers of available land for development and utilization,
making it the most expansive area in the central urban areas. Putuo District is
steadfastly committed to propelling the advancement and construction of the “One
Belt, One Center, One City” initiative, thereby expanding new frontiers for
high-quality development. “One Belt” delineates the economic development
corridor along the Suzhou Creek. Here, we are diligently creating top-notch
infrastructural anchors such as PUSH Plaza. Furthermore, we’re expediting the
realization of visionary projects like the BOKE Internet R&D Application
Center. A comprehensive uplift of the Changshou Bay, Caojiadu, and other areas
is underway, culminating in the creation of a captivating cityscape and a
demonstration waterfront. “One Center” designates the Zhenru City sub-center.
The towering 280-meter landmark structure, the Upper West Shanghai, has already
graced our skyline. The construction of the Zhenrujing commercial and office
complex is progressing at an accelerated pace. The Hongqi Village Urban Village
Renovation Project, set to conclude within the year, is poised to establish a
new focal point for collaborative innovation and digital transformation. “One
City” encompasses the Taopu Smart City. Here, we’ve successfully secured and
readied 4.2 square kilometers of land in the core area. We’ve fully developed
and partially opened Smart TOP Complex. Of note, we’ve erected the Yangtze
River Delta Integration Green Technology Demonstration Building, the largest
single zero-energy consumption building in Shanghai. These monumental endeavors
collectively foster the evolution of a modern and internationally acclaimed
innovative ecological city.

our imperative revolved around galvanizing the vitality of market entities.
Putuo District embodies the spirit of reliability and competence, as
encapsulated in the maxim “people are reliable (Pu), things are done properly
(Tuo).” We are unwavering in our commitment to the singular aim of crafting a
world-class business environment that resonates with satisfaction far and wide.
In pursuit of this mission, we have pioneered innovative mechanisms, including key
officials leading service provision, the online government services season, and
breakfast meetings for government-enterprise interaction. Our dedication to transparency
is exemplified by our consistent high ranking in the government transparency
index on a national scale. Starting this year, Putuo District has intensified
cross-departmental cooperation, culminating in the launch of the city’s
inaugural online and offline reporting windows for unsolved requests. We have
digitized numerous processes, making a multitude of tasks “easy to handle” and “actionable
in real time.” We’ve also introduced time-reduction targets for newly-established
enterprises, achieving a 91.7% reduction rate. Notably, we successfully
completed whole-process online handing for the city’s first real estate
project, covering all aspects from land handover to certification. To fortify
the connection between leading cadres and enterprises, we’ve established
dedicated service specialists for small and medium-sized enterprises, ensuring
comprehensive coverage across our 221 parks and business buildings. We’ve fostered
partnerships with 3,646 enterprises, spanning a wide array of specialized and sophisticated
sectors. Through these pragmatic measures, we are unwavering in our efforts to
instill confidence and drive the development of our business community.

2. Building
a new role model of people’s city along Suzhou Creek

Suzhou Creek shoreline in Putuo stretches over 21 kilometers, precisely the
length of a half marathon, endearingly referred to as the “Half Marathon Suzhou
Creek.” This pristine natural resource stands as one of Putuo’s most treasured
assets. Putuo District has consistently embraced the concept of a
people-centric city, leveraging the creation of the Suzhou Creek Show Belt as a
pivotal initiative to harmonize urban development, management, livelihood
security, and social governance, all in pursuit of fulfilling the collective
aspiration for an enhanced quality of life.

we are unwavering in our commitment to enhancing the urban landscape. In 2021,
with robust support from the community along the creek and our residents, we
achieved the momentous opening of the final segment of the Suzhou Creek in the
Putuo section, marking a comprehensive breakthrough. Building upon this
success, we are now dedicated to refining planning and design, meticulously
coordinating elements such as urban aesthetics, roadways, bridges, historical
preservation, and essential amenities. This holistic approach ensures the
seamless integration of waterfront and hinterland areas, fostering the creation
of high-quality, multifunctional public spaces. Our unwavering commitment to
environmental management shines through the establishment of the “Half Marathon
Suzhou Creek” park and 24 stations along Suzhou Creek, crafting a vibrant
tableau of pristine waters, verdant riverbanks, picturesque landscapes, and a
thriving community. Simultaneously, we are executing the five-color urban
renewal initiative, leading to the development of Taopu Central Green Space,
the central city’s largest open green area, and Baxi Park, the city’s premier
elevated park. Infrastructure construction is rapidly advancing, exemplified by
the swift reconstruction and rehabilitation of Wuning Road, restoring it to
full surface traffic functionality.

we focus on the enhancement of the quality of life for our residents. Each
year, we diligently roll out a series of projects that directly address the
needs and concerns of our community members. Our commitment lies in alleviating
the everyday challenges faced by our residents, especially elderly care, child
care and education, renovation of old housing and rural revitalization. To
improve the living environment, we have taken pioneering strides by completing
the comprehensive renovation of housing below the second-grade in old
neighborhoods. Building upon this success, we’ve intensified efforts to
renovate and upgrade older housing units. Since the commencement of the 14th Five-Year
Plan period, we have launched comprehensive renovation projects covering
171,000 square meters of old housing, and we’ve initiated a comprehensive
renovation project spanning 1.818 million square meters of older housing. In
the current year, more than 500 elevators will be installed in existing
multi-story residences, with 300 expected to be completed. Additionally, we are
set to introduce 4,151 units of affordable rental housing. In the realm of
education, we have achieved full coverage of community “Baby Houses” across all
sub-districts. We’ve also welcomed high-quality educational institutions such
as Putuo Campus of No.2 High School of East China Normal University, Putuo
Branch of the China Welfare Institute Nursery, and Putuo Experimental School
Affiliated to Shanghai International Studies University, while establishing
four characteristic high schools, the most in any district. In healthcare, we’ve
developed the Children’s Hospital of Shanghai Pediatric Medical Alliance. Putuo
District Central Hospital has been selected as a high-quality development pilot
unit for the city’s public hospitals. The Putuo People’s Hospital affiliated
with Tongji University has been launched, and the city’s first community health
capacity training center has been set up in Putuo. To bridge the digital divide
for the elderly, we’ve introduced a digital medical insurance experience area,
offering demonstration and assistance. In the field of elderly care, we are working
toward comprehensive coverage of community service centers for the elderly in
all sub-districts. This year alone, we plan to add 250 new elderly care beds
and 9 elderly catering facilities, while also providing aging-friendly
renovations for 500 elderly households. Moreover, we’ve made significant
strides in providing convenient services directly “at the doorstep” of our
residents by establishing 31 grid management service areas. We are proud to be
selected as one of the first pilot cities in the nation to provide convenient
living areas within a 15-minute radius, enhancing the overall quality of life
for our residents.

we are devoted to creating an enchanting stage, carrying forward the vibrant
revolutionary legacy of Huxi, and delving into the rich tapestry of Suzhou
Creek’s industrial heritage spanning over a century. This mission involves
meticulous refurbishments and enhancements across key sites, including the Gu
Zhenghong Memorial Hall, the Memorial Hall of Huxi (West Shanghai) Half-day School
for Workers, and the Suzhou Creek Industrial Civilization Exhibition Hall.
Furthermore, it entails seamlessly interconnecting resources along the Suzhou
Creek’s cruise route to form a harmonious chain of attractions. With dedicated
efforts, we are nurturing the cultural emblem of “Half Marathon Suzhou Creek,”
featuring the establishment of the accessible Shanghai Children’s Library
Changfeng Branch. We are also introducing exceptional Suzhou Creek tourist
routes, crafting a trendy, family-friendly play area, and orchestrating
year-round cultural and tourism festivals to keep the excitement alive. To
invigorate the region, we will host a series of prestigious events, including
Shanghai Suzhou Creek Half Marathon, Shanghai International Suzhou Creek Dragon
Boat Invitational Tournament, Shanghai River Regatta Urban Classic, and
E-Sports Shanghai National Championship. Our aim is to enable everyone to
experience the joys of “Half Marathon Suzhou Creek” — whether it’s strolling
along its southern bank, running along its northern bank, or paddling on its
waters. This endeavor will truly transform the splendid vistas of “Half
Marathon Suzhou Creek” into a ubiquitous source of happiness for all.

we collaboratively construct a “Homeland of Unity.” We aim to employ Party building
as a guiding force to enhance the “trustworthiness” of grassroots governance.
This entails refining the operational framework for regional coordination and
project-driven initiatives under the leadership of our party organization. We
intend to establish grassroots legislative touchpoints and people’s feedback
collection workstations, unleashing the full potential of the community’s “two
echelons.” Through a tight-knit alliance and full mobilization of the masses
and various stakeholders, we will identify our most significant common
objectives and draw expansive concentric circles. Our aim is to transform “Half
Marathon Suzhou Creek” into an exemplary model for modern urban governance and
a place where democracy thrives at every stage. We are committed to expediting
the digital transformation of governance, kick-starting a 100-day digital
initiative, and introducing the urban assessment system. Our focus also extends
to the development of the Suzhou Creek Metaverse scenario. To streamline
operations, we lead the citywide efforts to pioneer and champion the use of a
unified digital platform for grassroots governance, relieving administrative
burdens, empowering grassroots-level capabilities, and facilitating effective

ahead, Putuo District is committed to wholeheartedly embracing the principles
outlined in the spirit of the third plenary session of the 12th CPC Shanghai
Municipal Committee. Our primary focus will be on bolstering the “Four Major
Functions” through exemplary service delivery. We are dedicated to rectifying
any deficiencies, fortifying our strengths, refining our strategic layout, and
maximizing our competitive advantages. Our ultimate objective is to make
substantial strides towards achieving the goal of “crafting excellence in every
aspect, excelling in two parts, fostering close collaboration, and creating a
shared vision within concentric circles.”