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Press Release for Media Briefing of the Shanghai Municipal Government on September 21, 2023


On the
morning of yesterday (September 21), the Information Office of Shanghai
Municipality held the 13th press briefing on “High-Quality Development in Shanghai”
(Fengxian District special session) under the theme of “Beautiful, Livable, and
Dynamic District: A Desirable Future City.” Yuan Quan, Secretary of the CPC Fengxian
District Committee, took the opportunity to present an overview of the district’s
progress and the measures undertaken to propel high-quality economic and social
development. Wang Yiqun, Deputy Party Secretary and chief of Fengxian District;
Gu Yaoming, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Fengxian District Committee
and executive deputy chief of Fengxian District, Zhang Xian, director of the
Fengxian District Economic Commission; Shi Wenlong, director of the Fengxian
District Education Bureau and Dai Minghua, director of the Fengxian District Administration
of Culture and Tourism, attended the press briefing and answered questions from

stands as a burgeoning new city, brimming with vibrancy and promise — a new
city that harmoniously blends livability and business potential. It strives
tirelessly to craft an exquisite, dynamic urban landscape, poised to become a
city of our dreams.

the bedrock of our economic progress is high-quality development. In recent
years, Fengxian District has undergone profound transformation, optimizing its
industrial landscape, nurturing growth engines, and invigorating innovation.
This concerted effort has borne fruit, manifesting in a steady and substantial
economic upswing. From January to August, our fiscal revenue soared to 51.16
billion yuan, marking a 12.8% year-on-year increase. Industrial fixed asset
investments surged to 10.65 billion yuan, showcasing a year-on-year uptick of
62.4%. The industrial output value of enterprises above designated size stood
at 182.2 billion yuan, exhibiting a year-on-year growth of 13.8%. Even more
promising is the burgeoning strategic new industries, with an output value of
83.5 billion yuan — a year-on-year leap of 28%, representing a 46% proportion
of our economic landscape. The secondary industry remained robust, maintaining
consistent presence at approximately 65%. These achievements have been
hard-won, resulting from the unwavering dedication and collaborative spirit of
all the people of Fengxian. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the real
economy and prioritize the development of advanced manufacturing.

On the first front, Fengxian has
been striving to improve the industry layout by setting its sights on emerging
sectors such as beauty and health, new energy, and new materials. We are
resolute in our pursuit of top-tier enterprises, emphasizing both quantity and
quality. Concurrently, we have introduced a suite of policies on both “funding
and bases” and actively participated in the establishment of over 20 diverse
funds, boasting a cumulative scale exceeding 20 billion yuan. Our focus is on
servicing companies with pioneering technologies and groundbreaking projects,
making early, agile, and steadfast investments while providing comprehensive
support. From January to August, we acknowledged 153 new specialized and
sophisticated enterprises, raising the total number to 661.

On the second front, Fengxian has been striving
to form its industry characteristics. The Oriental Beauty Valley, a testament
to Fengxian’s resolute vision, has burgeoned from its nascent stages into a
shining beacon for our city and beyond. Its primary domains encompass food,
pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, and it has bolstered and expanded its presence
across these sectors, fostering an ecosystem that epitomizes our distinctive
industries. As of now, the Oriental Beauty Valley boasts a total brand value of
28.7 billion yuan, with an overall output value exceeding 70 billion yuan.
Within the realm of biomedicine, it has achieved an output value of 15.42
billion yuan, ranking third citywide. Remarkably, it has attracted 37% of the
city’s cosmetics manufacturers and hosts over 3,000 brands, contributing to 40%
of the city’s total sales.

On the
third front, Fengxian has been
striving to bolster strategic empowerment. The “Three Major
Tasks and One Platform” initiative, a pivotal strategic directive bestowed upon
Shanghai by General Secretary Xi Jinping, notably covers the expansive 873
square kilometers of the Lingang New Area, a substantial portion of which,
totaling 439 square kilometers, resides within Fengxian — accounting for more
than 50%. Fengxian actively aligns itself with this national strategy, with a
particular focus on new energy vehicles and associated industries, ensuring a
harmonious, complementary, and coordinated development approach. As a result,
we have congregated a multitude of premium upstream and downstream enterprises
within our industrial ecosystem. From January to August, the output value of
new energy vehicles surged to 33.46 billion yuan, marking a comparable
year-on-year increase of 98.2%, while the new energy sector experienced a comparable
year-on-year growth of 35.3%, culminating in an output value of 9.29 billion

we are expediting the construction of the new city to meet the highest
standards. The first working day of the year 2021 saw the CPC Shanghai Municipal
Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Government convene a symposium on the
development of the “Five New Cities” in Fengxian, effectively kicking off a
fresh phase of urban construction. This event presented Fengxian with the
opportunity to accelerate its overall advancement. Over the past two years,
Fengxian has capitalized on this advantageous environment, endeavoring to lead
the way in constructing a new city that is not only for the people but also for
the future — a new city that is characterized by innovation, entrepreneurship,
livability, and business-friendliness.

the first front, our steadfast commitment begins with rigorous planning.
Fengxian New City spans 68 square kilometers and is projected to house a
population of one million by 2035. Our vision is to create a self-sustaining,
comprehensive hub city. In pursuit of this vision, we emphasize holistic and
coordinated planning on spatial organization, scale, population distribution,
industrial diversity, transportation networks, and functional versatility. We
have taken the initiative in launching a fresh round of urban design for the
new city, successfully finalizing the planning of the “10 Large Areas.” The new
city’s Central Activity Zone (CAZ), and digital Jianghai initiative have been
designated as model demonstration projects on the municipal level, and its
urban identity as a place characterized by “water-crossed streets and checked green
corridors” has started to take shape.

the second front, we are resolutely driven by functionality. Recognizing the
critical importance of new city development, the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee
and the Shanghai Municipal Government have lent their full support to usher in
a host of high-quality, high-impact functional projects. Fengxian is
fast-tracking the implementation of these invaluable resources. In the realm of
education, we are dedicated to enhancing local educational infrastructure. For
instance, No.2 High School of East China Normal University Lingang Fengxian Campus
has opened its doors to welcome new students, and construction of the Shanghai
High School International Division is well underway. Fengxian’s transformation
from a net outflow area of students to a net inflow area is striking, with over
1,700 students joining our ranks in just three years. In the domain of
healthcare, the Fengxian Campus of the International Peace Maternity &
Child Health Hospital commenced operations in September last year, ushering in
nearly 4,000 newborns. Additionally, Fengxian has ongoing projects like Xinhua
Hospital and the Children's Hospital of Fudan University, which are set to
further bolster our healthcare landscape. In the realm of culture, the district
boasts a thriving cultural scene, epitomized by the 100,000-square-meter Flower
of the Sea Youth Activity Center, transformed from an old factory, providing a
vibrant platform for the youth to flourish. The Nine Trees Future Art Center,
nestled amidst vast woodland, stands as the district’s first national A-level
theater. Furthermore, iconic structures like Fish of Shanghai and Yanzi Academy
have become new landmarks for visitors. Today, our press conference unfolds
within the premises of the Fengxian Museum, which has hosted numerous
exhibitions featuring cultural relics, including the Yongzheng Forbidden City,
Sanxingdui Ruins, “Zhou, Qin, Han, and Tang Dynasties,” and the ongoing Chinese
character cultural relics exhibition. These exhibitions have drawn more than
1.1 million visitors, allowing our citizens to bask in the rich historical
heritage of the Chinese nation without leaving the district. Moving forward,
Fengxian remains committed to organizing more high-caliber cultural exhibitions
and events. In just two days, we are set to kick off Rose Regatta 2023. We
cordially invite everyone to be part of this unique experience.

we are committed to executing rural revitalization initiatives at an exemplary
level. Fengxian steadfastly upholds the belief that the countryside is a
precious resource and a strategic asset for metropolises. We employ reform and
innovation as catalysts to accelerate the growth of modern urban agriculture.
Simultaneously, we invest wholeheartedly in enhancing the rural living environment,
with an unwavering commitment to elevating the quality of life for our farmers.
We are dedicated to charting effective paths that ensure the contentment of our
farmers while driving forward agricultural and rural modernization.

our priority is to ensure both responsibility and quality within our rural
landscapes. Fengxian stands as an authentic agricultural haven, where arable
land comprises more than half of our total area. We are home to over 100,000
farmers, annually yielding 100,000 tons of rice and 230,000 tons of vegetables.
While we diligently safeguard 257,700-mu cultivated land, our focus remains on
high technology and high added value. Leveraging the strengths of institutions
like the Shanghai Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other local institutions,
we vigorously promote germplasm resources, smart agriculture, and brand
agriculture. Our agricultural products, such as Fengxian yellow peaches and
Zhuanghang honey pears, hold coveted national geographical indication status,
endearing themselves to the hearts of the public.

we place equal emphasis on both landscape and spirits. By initiating the
development of “two demonstration villages,” we holistically incorporate
elements such as fields, rivers, roads, forests, and houses to elevate the
rural aesthetics. We seamlessly integrate modern urban functions to craft a “rural
community living circle” characterized by warmth, vitality, and convenience.
Over recent years, our farmers have witnessed continual improvements in their
living conditions through collective renovation, building construction, and homestead
consolidation, benefiting more than 7,300 families. We’ve also constructed 285
kilometers of “Four Good Rural Roads,” established 13 rural revitalization
demonstration villages, and designated 36 municipal-level beautiful rural
demonstration villages.

we strike a balance between enriching both “pockets” and “minds.” On one hand,
we concentrate on bolstering the collective economy to elevate the prosperity
of our farmers. We expedite the development of the rural headquarters economy,
resulting in the construction of 112 headquarters centers that have contributed
1.4 billion yuan in tax revenue. Through corporate-style operations for 100 villages,
we’ve devised innovative mechanisms that provide funding support, leading to a
total dividend of 700 million yuan. This translates to an average of more than
7 million yuan in dividends for each village. On the other hand, we vigorously
implement cultural initiatives for the well-being of our people. We have
erected 298 cultural activity venues of diverse types and consistently organize
cultural events that resonate with the masses, including grassroots-level
caravans and thousands of movie screenings. From January to August, we
completed 1,518 cultural events, benefiting 72,000 individuals.

summary, Fengxian’s rural revitalization endeavors have made commendable
strides in recent years, although continued efforts are imperative as we fill
the gap to meet the requirements by the CPC Central Committee and Shanghai
Municipal Committee, as well as the expectations of our people. In July of this
year, the CPC Fengxian District Committee convened a plenary session to
specifically deliberate and release opinions on the comprehensive
implementation of rural revitalization. Through innovative measures such as the
establishment of the “Shanghai Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation
Valley” and the enhancement of the “100 Village Group,” we are resolutely
committed to becoming pioneers in agricultural and rural modernization, as well
as leaders in integrated urban and rural development. By the conclusion of the 14th
Five-Year Plan period, our objective is to achieve an average annual growth
rate of no less than 10% for the total assets of the district’s collective
economy. The rural headquarters economy should yield a tax revenue of 3 billion
yuan, with the average village disposable income reaching 5 million yuan, and
the per capita disposable income of our farmers growing at a pace surpassing
that of urban residents, firmly establishing Fengxian at the forefront of the city’s

we place a premium on high quality to safeguard and enhance people’s well-being.
At Fengxian, we always hold the aspirations of our people for a better life as
the lodestar guiding our actions, with their improved quality of life being the
ultimate goal of all our endeavors. For every increment in fiscal revenue, we
are resolute in allocating a significant portion to elevate the well-being of
our residents.

systematically implement initiatives that resonate with our community and
address tangible concerns. Our focus is on both immediate needs and long-term
challenges faced by people of all ages, as well as key issues such as elderly
services, child care and education, renovation of old town and preservation of
historical buildings, and rural revitalization. We work tirelessly,
continuously, and tirelessly to improve these issues. For instance, the subsidy
on Huhuibao, pioneered in our city, has benefitted more than 600,000
individuals over the span of three years. We have also constructed 500 community
centers and 22 comprehensive service centers catering to the elderly. Since
last year, we’ve added 12 new kindergartens and established 35 child care
centers, positioning ourselves as the first batch of national infant care
service demonstration cities. Our commitment to urban renewal has yielded the
successful revitalization of nearly 6 million square meters of aging
residential areas. This year alone, we’ve initiated 26 practical livelihood
projects, introducing new fitness centers and parking facilities within the old
city. For instance, at the freshly renovated Nanqiao Middle School playground,
we’ve cleverly excavated underground space to facilitate staggered parking.
This not only resolves congestion and safety concerns during school drop-offs
and pickups but also addresses parking challenges faced by nearby residents.

are steadfast in our mission to enhance the sense of contentment, joy, and
security among our populace. Our integrated online government services rank
among the city’s best, with an online service rate of 92.9%. Furthermore, we’ve
established a dedicated window to address “unresolved issues,” providing
comprehensive support for intractable problems faced by residents and
businesses. Urban management and law enforcement have been a focal point of
public interest, and Fengxian consistently prioritizes its work in response to
the needs of the community. We’ve pioneered the establishment of farmers’ homegrown
agricultural product distribution points throughout the city, transforming “roadside
markets” into well-regulated venues. All 13 sub-districts now enjoy full
coverage, resulting in Fengxian topping the charts in social satisfaction with
urban management and law enforcement work. Our district has consistently earned
prestigious titles such as the National Civilized Urban District, the National
Sanitary District, and the “Chang’an Cup” in National Social Security
Comprehensive Management for several consecutive years.

Fengxian’s standout hallmark is its dedication to ecology. We firmly believe
that pristine waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets. Our commitment
to creating the national ecological garden city, national forest city, and
national climate livable city is unwavering. We systematically promote green
initiatives, water management, carbon emission reduction, and pollution
control, resulting in the addition of 3.1 million square meters of green space.
We’ve constructed over 200 parks of varying types, increasing the per capita
park green area from 15.8 to 17.4 square meters. The green coverage rate of our
built-up areas has surged to 44.2%. Our water areas have expanded by 3,150 mu,
and our air quality rate has reached 89.5%, ranking us among the city’s
environmental leaders. Fengxian has earned the distinction of being China’s
most ecologically competitive city.

Currently, Fengxian
is wholeheartedly engaged in the theme education of studying and implementing
Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era. Our
commitment to learning is rooted in the belief that diligent effort can yield
new achievements. We are cultivating a more energetic and promising mindset and
harnessing a greater entrepreneurial spirit. Our aim is to create a beautiful,
livable, and dynamic region, and to craft a city of the future that beckons
talents from across the globe. Our ultimate goal is to bring happiness and
health to our people, both near and far.