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Press Release for Media Briefing of the Shanghai Municipal Government on September 7, 2023


the morning of yesterday (September 7), the Information Office of Shanghai
Municipality held the 10th press briefing on “High-Quality Development in Shanghai”
(Minhang District special session) under the theme of “Building on Footholds in
Both South and North and Creating a New Highland for Innovative Development.”
Chen Yujian, Secretary of the CPC Minhang District Committee, introduced the
details of Minhang District’s efforts to promote its economic and societal
development. Chen Huawen, Deputy Party Secretary and chief of Minhang District,
Han Yongqiang, director of Minhang District Development and Reform Commission,
and Xu Hao, director of Minhang District Science and Technology Commission
attended the press briefing and answered questions from reporters.

geographically situated at the heart of Shanghai, serves as a pivotal gateway
connecting the Yangtze River Delta region and playing a vital role in global
connectivity. Its location provides distinct advantages, complemented by
abundant resources and a deep-rooted cultural heritage. In recent years,
Minhang has remained steadfast in its commitment to advance the nation’s key
strategies, with an unwavering focus on achieving high-quality development. It
has harnessed its strengths, cultivated its inherent advantages, redefined its
functions, and spurred progress by unleashing the forces of innovation and
international cooperation. Concurrently, Minhang has dedicated efforts to
nurture its ecological and humanistic foundations, employing diligence and
tangible achievements to contribute to the ongoing narrative of China’s
modernization. In the first half of this year, Minhang’s district-level fiscal
revenue achieved an impressive milestone, totaling 18.137 billion yuan, marking
a substantial year-on-year growth of 24.5%. This remarkable achievement serves
as a testament to the district’s unwavering dedication to consolidating the
bedrock of high-quality development. This commitment is prominently showcased
through three key focal points:

The first aspect centers on the
establishment of a robust engagement framework for opening-up. As the driving
force, principal arena, and primary catalyst within the Hongqiao International
Opening-up Hub’s “core” and “southward expansion zone,” Minhang is dedicating
relentless efforts to foster the growth and advancement of the
48-square-kilometer Hongqiao International Central Business District (Minhang
Section). Our steadfast objective is to create a pivotal link in both domestic
and international “dual circulation” strategies. In pursuit of this vision, we
have expedited our commitment to open up on institutional fronts. The
implementation of 16 national policies and 10 municipal-level special policies
in Minhang stands as a testament to our dedication. These initiatives include
streamlined access for foreign investments, the establishment of free trade
accounts, and provisions of permanent residency for foreign talents.
Concurrently, we have fortified the development of high-level functional
platforms, exemplified by the Hongqiao Import Commodity Exhibition and Trade
Center, Hongqiao International Business Talent Port, and Hongqiao International
Central Legal District. These platforms have successfully attracted leading
enterprises and service institutions across trade, talent, and legal sectors,
comprising 600-plus, 155 and 52, respectively. In the realm of healthcare, the
New Hongqiao International Medical Center has orchestrated a multi-dimensional “1+10+X”
framework for medical and healthcare development, with five high-level
hospitals already in operation. In our endeavor to bolster the economic
functions of headquarters, we’ve cultivated a distinctive industrial ecosystem.
Eminent new energy corporations such as Runergy, Trina Solar, Sungrow, and
Jinko Solar have established their presence in the Hongqiao International
Central Business District. In the biopharmaceutical sector, over 600 companies,
including Innovent Bio, WEGO, Yunnan Baiyao, and CTTQ Pharma, are swiftly
congregating. More than 240 headquarters-type enterprises have now found their
home within the Minhang section of the Hongqiao International Central Business
District. To date, Minhang District accommodates 65 regional headquarters of
multinational corporations, 87 foreign-funded research and development centers,
and a total of 51 listed companies.

The second facet of our strategy is to
invigorate the “main engine” of scientific and technological innovation. Since
the municipal government unveiled the Plan to Promote the Construction of the
Greater Neo Bay Scientific and Technological Innovation Empowerment Functional
Zone in February of this year, we have forged robust partnerships that
seamlessly integrate two “985” universities, along with over 10 scientific
research institutes specializing in aerospace, aviation, and shipbuilding
within our district. This collaboration extends to cover more than 440 research
and development institutions across various levels, alongside a cohort of over 1,000
high-caliber overseas talents. These invaluable resources have been
instrumental in propelling the realization of the scientific and technological
innovation framework encapsulated by Greater Neo Bay. In close cooperation with
municipal departments, local universities, and municipal state-owned
enterprises, we have established the administration for the management of the
construction of the Greater Neo Bay Scientific and Technological Innovation
Empowerment Functional Zone. This body oversees the allocation of dedicated
funds, including the Greater Neo Bay special fund and district-university
cooperation special fund. These financial mechanisms actively support
universities in their pursuit of basic research in the specialized zone, global
talent attraction program, and experimental initiatives for translating
scientific and technological accomplishments into practical applications. A
state-of-the-art science and technology innovation hub spanning 740,000 square
meters now stands tall, housing a multitude of top-notch maker spaces,
incubators, university science and technology parks, and innovation-driven
technology parks. We have continuously enhanced the capabilities of these
platforms, fostering the development of centers of excellence like Institute of
Medical Robotics, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Research Institute, and the
Shanghai International Technology Market. We’ve embarked on the establishment
of the Shanghai MindSpore AI Framework Innovation Center in partnership with
Huawei, and joined forces with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to create a future
energy and intelligent robotics industrial science and technology park. Presently,
more than 3,000 “hard technology” companies have converged within the Greater Neo
Bay. This dynamic ecosystem is seamlessly linked with Minhang’s key industrial
parks, including the Maqiao Artificial Intelligence Innovation Pilot Zone,
Minhang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Zizhu National High-tech
Industrial Development Zone, Lingang Pujiang Science and Technology City, and
the Xinzhuang Industrial Zone. These collaborative efforts continue to foster
innovations from the Greater Neo Bay, enabling companies to expand and thrive.
To date, Minhang boasts the certification of 3,386 high-tech enterprises and
1,213 specialized and sophisticated enterprises.

The third dimension of our strategy is
dedicated to forging a “new highland” for the integration of industry and city.
Minhang places paramount importance on the establishment of the National
Industry-City Integration Demonstration Zone as a foundational initiative. We
remain resolute in our commitment to rejuvenate the urban landscape through
industrial development, simultaneously leveraging the city to bolster our
industrial prowess. This approach extends to a comprehensive improvement in
various aspects, including enhancing the quality of life for our residents,
fortifying our cultural heritage, and optimizing our environmental footprint.
For the very first time, we have incorporated livelihood items into the agenda
of the District People’s Congress, marking a significant step towards
addressing long-standing challenges related to elderly care system and
services, early childhood care and youth education, renovation of old areas and
protection of historical heritage, and rural revitalization. Since 2021, we
have successfully revitalized and renovated over 150,000 square meters of aging
housing, channelling more than 4.2 billion yuan into the creation of
aesthetically pleasing and functional homes. Collaborative efforts with
prominent enterprises like Shui On and Shanghai Land have been instrumental in
the transformation of urban villages such as Zhaojialou and Zhuanqiao Central
Village. At the outset of this year, we convened a pivotal meeting to
accelerate the high-quality development of education and healthcare within our
jurisdiction. Collaborative initiatives with nine universities have resulted in
the establishment of 27 primary and secondary schools, with additional efforts
underway in partnership with Shanghai Jiao Tong University to establish the
Shanghai Minhang Vocational and Technical College. Collaborative partnerships
with municipal medical institutions like Zhongshan Hospital and Huashan Hospital
have led to the launch of nine medical facilities, pioneering the introduction
of “late outpatient” services within community health service centers in the
city. Our dedication to cultural enrichment is reflected in the creation of
several significant cultural facilities, including the Shanghai Style Art
Museum, the Powerlong Museum, the Wu Yiren Art Museum, the Zhang Yuan Art
Museum, and the Greater Neo Bay Library. In a notable achievement, the Minhang
Museum has earned its place among the top 100 museums in the nation for the
very first time. In harmony with these endeavors, we have developed a total of
193 parks, including the Pujiang Country Park and Minhang Cultural Park,
boasting an impressive forest coverage rate of 18.9%. This has transformed our
urban landscape into a verdant oasis, ensuring that residents can effortlessly “embrace
greenery as they step outdoors, and encounter parks at their doorstep.”

In our upcoming endeavors, Minhang is
committed to a deep examination and diligent implementation of the guiding
principles outlined in the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of
China. We wholeheartedly embrace the vision set forth during the Third Plenary
Session of the 12th CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee. We recognize the Hongqiao
International Central Business District and the Greater Neo Bay Scientific and
Technological Innovation Empowerment Functional Area as the focal points
driving Minhang’s high-quality development. These areas serve as the primary
wellsprings of our growth, the vital pillars of our progress, and the foremost
arenas where we will strive for excellence. Harnessing both South and North
strategic points, and leveraging the transformative forces of innovation and
international cooperation, we are poised to propel Minhang’s holistic
development. We are unwaveringly committed to enhancing the robustness of “Four
Functions,” which form the cornerstone of our progress. Our aspiration is to
lead with distinction, akin to the role of a dedicated “construction captain,”
steering Minhang towards an even brighter and more prosperous future.

Firstly, we will foster collaborative
efforts in strengthening the core functions of the northern region, propelling
high-level opening-up to unprecedented heights. We proactively champion the
implementation of upgraded policies for the Hongqiao International Opening-up
Hub, with an unwavering commitment to enhancing the utilization of policies
such as cross-border trade, offshore trade, cross-border investment
facilitation, and the provision of top-tier medical services. Our aspiration is
to elevate our international central business district to even greater heights,
with a dedicated focus on key sectors such as biomedicine, new energy, the
digital economy, and high-end professional services. We seek to foster a
dynamic hub for private enterprise headquarters while vigorously expanding
iconic and leading industries in trade, talent, legal services, and finance. We
are committed to leveraging the pivotal roles of both internal and external
opening-up, thereby crafting a welcoming “reception room” for international
companies entering China and a “boarding gate” for Chinese enterprises
venturing into overseas markets. We strive to become the epitome of success,
known as the Hongqiao Fulcrum, in Shanghai's Silk Road E-commerce cooperation
zone. We will expedite the planning and construction of key facilities such as
the Hongqiao Qianwan Center, Hongqiao Future Center, and Hongqiao International
Culture and Art Center. This strategic move aims to transform our district into
a cosmopolitan, business-friendly, and livable international city, epitomizing
the spirit of the future.

Secondly, we will focus on catalyzing the harmonious
development of the three southern regions, fostering the accumulation of new
momentum through high-quality innovation. We are committed to facilitating
collaborative growth among educational institutions, technology parks, and urban
environments, thereby advancing regional innovation to greater heights. With a
resolute commitment to national strategic imperatives, we are constructing a
dynamic collaborative innovation platform system, characterized by high-energy
interactions. Our primary emphasis remains on pivotal domains such as
biomedicine, integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, and high-end
equipment. In tandem, we are steadfastly supporting universities, research
institutes, and enterprises in bolstering their endeavors in fundamental
research and technological exploration. We will expedite the establishment of
top-tier incubators, university science and technology parks, and future
industrial science parks, crafting a comprehensive incubation ecosystem. In our
pursuit of excellence, we are instituting a cooperative framework that shares
risks and benefits between the district and educational institutions. Central
to this approach is the creation of the Greater Neo Bay venture capital fund
and the establishment of the Greater Neo Bay financial port. These initiatives
are integral to constructing a comprehensive financial support system that
fuels scientific and technological innovation at every stage. Our ongoing
projects, including the Greater Neo Bay Scientific and Technological
Achievements Transformation Center, the Greater Neo Bay International
Intelligent Medical Innovation Center, and the CATL Future Energy Research
Institute, are being expedited. We are also diligently crafting an appealing
riverside trail, dynamic sports parks, comfortable talent apartments, upscale
business hotels, and trendy dining establishments, complete with cafes that are
the go-to spots for Internet celebrities. Furthermore, we are enhancing the
accessibility of green spaces within our parks, ensuring they are open and
inviting to all, thereby creating a vibrant, shared, and innovative science and
technology district that embodies a culture of creativity and life.

Thirdly, we will step up
collective efforts to drive industrial transformation and elevation, thereby
forging new advantages for regional development. We remain committed to
fostering a robust manufacturing industry while directing our focus towards the
development of high-end, intelligent, and eco-friendly sectors. In line with
this vision, we are vigorously promoting the expansion of industries like
new-generation information technology, biomedicine, artificial intelligence,
integrated circuits, and high-end equipment. Our ambitions extend to nurturing
core enterprises in burgeoning fields such as aerospace, new energy, genetic
technology, and quantum technology. Additionally, we are accelerating the
establishment of future industry pilot areas, propelling the growth of new
sectors and cultivating industrial layouts covering green and low-carbon
initiatives, digital economy, and future energy. We unwaveringly uphold the
principles of a robust service industry, advocating for diversified spatial
layouts and the development of industry clusters in vital sectors like modern
finance, cultural creativity, international commerce, and scientific and
technological services. We are actively fostering the expansion and maturation
of high-end professional services and medical and healthcare services. Through our
endeavors, we aim to elevate the production-oriented service industry,
facilitating its evolution towards greater professionalism and the extension of
the value chain. As part of our commitment to bolstering enterprises, we are
intensifying our company visits while championing more business-friendly
policies. Our objective is to ensure that companies can readily “discover,
comprehend, and utilize” the resources and support available to them.

Fourthly, we will gear up collaborative efforts
to enhance the quality of urban functions and actively meet the evolving
expectations of our citizens for an improved quality of life. We are committed
to intensifying our initiatives aimed at rejuvenating old housing and
neighbourhoods and urban villages. Furthermore, we are dedicated to the deepening
of our endeavors to establish national smart education demonstration zones,
with plans to create an additional 3-4 municipal-level exemplary high-quality
school districts (groups), ensuring every school is easily accessible for
residents. In our quest to enhance healthcare accessibility, we are expediting
the pilot construction of compact urban medical groups while spearheading the
“Six One Project” to establish regional medical centers. We are committed to
facilitating the penetration of medical resources and residents’ medical
treatment, thereby ensuring a comprehensive healthcare infrastructure. Our
ongoing mission involves the integration of culture into all facets of urban
planning, construction, and management. We are actively promoting the development
of key cultural facilities such as the four islands of Chunshen Lake and the
Fengyuan Art Museum, with the aim of enabling citizens to relish high-quality,
emotionally resonant, and accessible public cultural services right at their
doorstep. Guided by the “park +” and “+ park” concept, we will persist in
constructing a batch of key parks, ecological park belts encircling the city,
greenways, and other green spaces. Our unwavering commitment is to create an
ecologically pristine city that embodies the aspiration of being a desirable
place to live, work, and thrive.