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Press Release for Media Briefing of the Shanghai Municipal Government on August 30, 2023


the afternoon of today (August 30), the Information Office of the Shanghai
Municipality held a press conference to unveil details about the 22nd China
Shanghai International Arts Festival. Fang Shizhong, Deputy Secretary-General
of the Organizing Committee of the China Shanghai International Arts Festival
and Director of the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism,
introduced the festival’s comprehensive arrangements. Gao Zheng,
Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the China Shanghai
International Arts Festival and Director of the Bureau of International
Exchange and Cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Li Ming,
Executive Deputy Secretary-General of the Organizing Committee of the China
Shanghai International Arts Festival, and President of the China Shanghai
International Arts Festival Center, Zhang Songhua, President of the Shanghai
Grand Theater Arts Center and Director of the Shanghai Grand Theater, and Gu
Haohao, President of the Shanghai Opera Arts Center and Director of the
Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe, attended the press conference and answered questions
from reporters.

The 22nd
China Shanghai International Arts Festival, under the auspices of the Ministry
of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and hosted by the
Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, is scheduled to grace the cultural
stage from October 15 to November 15. This year’s festival remains steadfast in
its commitment to the guiding principle of being “a grand gathering of art and
a festival for the people.” It is dedicated to deeply embracing the new
cultural mission of our era and elevating the China Shanghai International Arts
Festival to a new level characterized by a fresh perspective and heightened
quality. It aims to become a cultural nexus brimming with world-class
performing arts resources, an international platform at the vanguard of
contemporary artistic creation, a crucial stage for fostering cross-cultural
exchanges and mutual learning, and a vibrant reflection of the beauty of
people’s lives.

As the saying
goes, “those enriched with culture can unite their souls; those immersed in art
can effortlessly connect with the world.” In pursuit of these ideals, this
year’s festival has unveiled eight major art activities: “Arts for the World”
Performances and Exhibitions; “Arts in the Sky” Community Engagement; “Arts for
the City” Public Education; “Arts for the Future” Rising Artists’ Works
Campaign; “Arts Across the World” Trading Market; “Arts Pulling us Together”
Themed Forums; “Arts for Varieties” City-to-City Engagement; and “Arts with
Unlimited Potential” Integrated Innovation. This festival boasts over 400
performances and exhibitions of diverse genres, reflecting an impressive growth
of over 20% in both content volume and performance scale compared to previous
editions. Notably, this year marks a pinnacle in internationalization and the
proportion of premieres, reaching unprecedented heights with the following three
defining attributes.

Emphasizing international collaboration and
facilitating cross-cultural exchange

the backdrop of the 10th anniversary of the Belt and Road initiative, this
year’s Arts Festival takes center stage in celebrating this momentous occasion.
It places a paramount focus on this significant theme and temporal landmark,
strategically reinforcing global resource allocation capabilities and
international narrative prowess. The festival unveils a curated selection of
top-tier performances and exhibitions, fostering dynamic dialogues, showcasing
refined artistry, and igniting the stage with cutting-edge and pioneering
works. Here, in this cultural confluence, a myriad of artistic expressions
coalesce and collide, giving rise to a profusion of creativity.

first focal point resides in the theme of the Cultural Silk Road. On October
19, the grand symphony concert titled “Ode to the Silk Road,” jointly produced
by the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and the Shanghai Museum, formally commences
this cultural extravaganza. This opening concert is a melodic journey through
time, featuring Silk Road-inspired compositions by eminent composers Zhu
Jian’er, Zhao Lin, and Yu Ji from distinct timeframes. It ingeniously marries
music and visual arts, unveiling novel arrangements that artistically
encapsulate the historical and global significance of the Belt and Road
initiative. This presentation conjures a vivid and contemporary vision of the
initiative’s historical context. On the morning of October 20, the Silk Road International
Arts Festival Alliance Roundtable will convene at the Grand Halls, a symbolic
crossroads along the Belt and Road route. Over 50 performing arts organizations
will come together in this gathering to explore innovative ideas,
transformations within the performing arts industry within the Belt and Road
sphere, and the forging of new collaborative ventures. This assembly will
culminate in the signing of the “Shanghai Consensus,” a testament to the values
of openness, inclusivity, and interconnection. It is a resounding commitment to
jointly charting a new cultural and artistic Silk Road. Concurrently, the Arts
Festival will present the Light of the Silk Road series of performances,
uniting more than 20 captivating works contributed by nations actively engaged
in the co-development of the Belt and Road.

second facet of this festival is the convergence of renowned Chinese and
international artists and groups. A grand total of 79 performances will grace
this occasion, comprising 45 from overseas and 34 from domestic artists. Among
these, there are 13 world premieres, 3 Asian premieres, 7 Chinese premieres,
and 48 Shanghai premieres. As an overture to the festival, the celebrated
conductor will join forces with the China Shanghai International Arts Festival
Orchestra to craft a harmonious symphony within the enchanting confines of the
Shanghai Exhibition Center’s fountain square on October 14. Subsequently, on
October 15, the timeless masterpiece Peony Pavilion, a faithful recreation of
Tang Xianzu’s original opus, will unveil its unadulterated rendition.
Throughout the festival, audiences will be treated to a multitude of
masterpieces by internationally acclaimed artists and troupes, including
performances by luminaries such as Domingo, Gheorghiu, Matsuev, the American
Ballet Theatre, the Swiss Béjart Ballet, and Der Ring des Nibelungen.
Simultaneously, works imbued with a distinct Chinese style, such as Sanxingdui
Chronicles, a vivid portrayal of the splendid Sanxingdui Civilization, and
Model Village, a narrative woven from the threads of ancient Qinqiang Opera,
will illuminate the profound tapestry of Chinese culture and its rich
historical legacy. As the curtain descends on this remarkable journey, the
closing ceremony on November 15 will witness a captivating collaboration
between Israeli conductor Lahav Shani and the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra,
enthralling the audience with timeless classics by Beethoven and Mahler.

third dimension of this festival unfolds as a vibrant hub for global
entertainment transactions. Distinguished as the largest performing arts
project trading market in the Asia-Pacific region, the Arts Festival
Performances Trade Fair will convene at the New Bund 31 in Qiantai,
illuminating the cultural stage from October 19 to 23. Anticipated to draw
approximately 500 professional institutions and 1,500 participants from across
the globe, this gathering promises to be a nexus of industry experts and enthusiasts.
A constellation of 188 prestigious domestic and international arts festivals
and institutions, including luminaries such as the International Society for
the Performing Arts, European Arts Festivals Alliance, Festival d’Avignon in
France, Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK, Sibiu Theater Festival in Romania,
and the Hong Kong Arts Festival in China, have already affirmed their active
participation. Together, they will collaboratively steer this event towards the
pinnacle of excellence, solidifying its position as the definitive benchmark
within the global performing arts industry. Simultaneously, the festival’s main
forum will undergo a transformation into an International Urban Cultural Forum,
marked by its overarching theme on “Connecting the Hearts with Arts Around the
World. Guided by a compass of international urban cultural exchange, this forum
will convene luminaries and key characters from the global culture and arts
sphere. Their collective deliberations will unravel the novel challenges,
pathways, and paradigms emerging within the realm of global urban culture.

2. Celebrating the essence of people-centricity and
enhancing urban life

This arts festival is deeply rooted in the concept of
a people-centric city. It keenly captures the evolving landscape of culture and
tourism, characterized by demands for quality, diversity, and immersive
experiences. It endeavors to transform “appreciating exceptional performances,
exploring wonderful exhibitions, and visiting cultural museums” into integral
facets of the city’s vibrant autumn, cultivating them as preferred pastimes for
both citizens and tourists alike.

Firstly, inclusivity for all. This year’s arts
festival showcases nearly 60 performances curated from the repertoires of
illustrious artists and troupes. These cultural gems are thoughtfully spread
across all 16 districts of the city, infiltrating streets, towns, communities,
and public spaces. Additionally, over 100 “Arts in the Sky” series performances
are offered, forging a “theater without walls.” This festival adheres
resolutely to its ethos of inclusivity, aiming to resonate with “all people,
all ages, all regions, all times.” It creates a citywide artistic ambiance
where everyone can actively participate and share in its cultural bounty.

Secondly, fostering urban aesthetic education. This
year’s arts festival actively constructs a platform for social aesthetic
education, sustaining the momentum of signature activities like the “Arts Club”
and “Audience Group.” The “Arts Club” is envisioned as a comprehensive artistic
practice platform for primary and secondary school students, revolving around
the theme of “Home.” It promotes the “Infinite Painting” public art initiative.
Meanwhile, the “Student Audience Group” plans to recruit students from over 20
local universities. It will organize activities such as play viewings and
lecture tours, allowing young voices to assess performances, thus generating a
Youth Evaluation Index.

Thirdly, expanding the festival’s geographic coverage
and horizons. This arts festival closely aligns with the fifth anniversary of
the Yangtze River Delta integration, a key national strategy. Branch venues
will be established in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province,
Hefei, Anhui Province, and Weifang, Shandong Province, extending its reach to
better serve the Yangtze River Delta and connect with audiences across China.
Furthermore, an array of vibrant “festivals within the festival” will enrich
the cultural tapestry, including the 7th Golden Magnolia Shanghai International
Puppet Arts Festival, the 12th Shanghai Magic Festival, the inaugural Shanghai
International Children’s Theater Arts Festival, and the Nanxun International
Parent-Child Arts Festival.

Highlighting innovative features and pioneering progress in the performing arts

arts festival is firmly committed to the principles of integrity and
innovation, firmly upholding the ideals of openness and inclusivity. It strives
to steer the iterative evolution and innovative growth of the performing arts
industry, fueled by its youthful spirit, technological acumen, and seamless
integration capabilities.

nurturing the artistic prodigies of tomorrow. This year’s arts festival seizes
the momentous occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Rising Artists’ Works
Campaign to embark on a comprehensive journey, spanning incubation, creation,
trade, and performance. It marks the inaugural global collection of works by
young artists, featuring an innovative visual art section for the first time. Notably,
the festival will unveil 10 commissioned stage art pieces and 2 commissioned
exhibitions. Collaborative ties with institutions such as the Central Academy
of Fine Arts and New York University Shanghai will be strengthened. The
festival aims to explore a targeted commissioning mechanism and pioneer a
specialized, internationally recognized platform for youth arts, one that
fosters young artistic talents and catapults their outstanding creations onto
stages across the nation and the globe.

forging new frontiers in the industry. This year’s arts festival actively
embraces the digital age and the technological revolution, embarking on an
exploration of the culture and tourism metaverse. It ushers in immersive
performing arts projects, harnessing technology to elevate artistic expression.
The festival endeavors to convey Chinese aesthetics through the medium of art,
creating an omnipresent and perpetual artistic experience. The festival’s
signature ARTRA brand will curate its own unique art offerings, meticulously
designed to align with the cultural consumption preferences of Generation Z.
Collaborative ventures will lead to the launch of groundbreaking works like the
revamped “Rong” and other innovative cross-disciplinary projects, and these
endeavors are set to create vibrant cultural epicenters that captivate the
attention of the youth. Simultaneously, the arts festival is forging
collaborations with leading professional media organizations to construct a
rigorous and authoritative data model. This model, enriched by expert
evaluations, audience voting, market insights, and other diverse dimensions,
will give birth to an Arts Festival Influence Index List. This visionary
endeavor is set to chart a pioneering course for the burgeoning trends in the
global art scene.

fostering a synergy of culture and tourism. This arts festival forges a
groundbreaking alliance with the 34th Shanghai Tourism Festival, which
coincides with the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day celebrations. It also
seamlessly integrates with the fifth Shanghai International Arts Trading Week,
following the China International Import Expo. For the very first time, the
tourism festival, arts festival, and trade week converge, offering a dynamic
fusion of major festivals and exhibitions during Shanghai’s golden autumn. This
convergence leverages Shanghai’s abundant resources and strategic advantages to
deepen the integration of culture and tourism. The arts festival is poised to
redefine the concept of “experiencing beauty and joy,” aiming to become the
quintessential stage for the “Shanghai Time at Global Arts Landscape.”




由中华人民共和国文化和旅游部主办、上海市人民政府承办的第二十二届中国上海国际艺术节将于10月15日至11月15日举行。本届艺术节将秉持“艺术的盛会 人民大众的节日”这一办节宗旨,深入践行新时代新的文化使命,以全新的姿态、更高的品质,把中国上海国际艺术节打造成为集聚全球一流演艺资源的文化码头、引领当代艺术创作潮流的国际舞台、推动中外文明交流互鉴的重要平台和展示人民美好生活的生动图景。




一是聚焦文化丝路主题。10月19日,由上海交响乐团与上海博物馆联袂打造的多媒体交响音乐会《丝路颂》,正式为本届艺术节拉开帷幕。开幕音乐会以朱践耳、赵麟、俞极三位作曲家在不同时期创作的丝路主题作品为基础,音画融合,全新创排,艺术化呈现“一带一路”的历史文脉、全球视野和当代价值。10月20 日上午,在“一江一河”交汇处的世界会客厅,将举办丝绸之路国际艺术节联盟圆桌论坛,50多家演艺机构将共同探讨“一带一路”演艺行业的新思路、新变革、新合作,并联合签署开放包容、互联互通、共筑文化艺术新丝路的《上海共识》。同时,本届艺术节还特设“丝路之光”系列展演,汇集了共建“一带一路”国家的20多部作品。