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Major Responsibilities

  Established in June 1991, the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipality is jointly administrated by the CPC Shanghai Committee and the Shanghai Municipal Government for international communication.

  1. Introducing the economic and social development of Shanghai.

  2. Steering and coordinating news coverage on major policies, events and conferences.

  3. Planning and carrying out international communication projects.

  4. Distributing news from major government bodies, organizations, institutions and bureaus in districts or counties.

  5. Arranging municipal press conferences.

  6. Providing assistance for overseas reporters and reporters from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.

  7. Organizing overseas city promotion events.

    8. Planning and overseeing the creation and publishing of books, audio-visual materials, film and television programs on Shanghai.

  9. Supervising internet news coverage.

   10. Researching and responding to stories and reports about Shanghai from major international media and media from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan.