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SICIV - Center for Int’l Visitors

The SICIV, located in Xintiandi in Luwan District...

Shanghai Information Center for International Visitors (SICIV)


The Shanghai Information Center for International Visitors, located in Xintiandi in Luwan District, was jointly established by the Information Office of the Shanghai Municipality, the Shanghai Tourism Management Commission, the government of Luwan District and the Shui On Group.

The center offers information and services for overseas visitors to facilitate their living, study, work, investment and entertainment in Shanghai.

The center receives about 3,000 overseas tourists and foreign visitors annually and carried 310 publications introducing Shanghai.

Delegations from more than 10 provinces, municipalities or autonomous regions in China and the California Tourism Counseling Center have visited the center and praised it.

Address: Lane 123, Xingye Road
Tel: 6384-9366
Opening Hours: 10am-10pm every day