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SICIV - Center for Int’l Visitors

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962288 - Shanghai Call Center


The Shanghai Call Center was organized by the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality and Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office.

The center offers free information consultation services all the year around in 10 languages — Chinese, English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Malaysian, Russian and Arabic, mainly for foreigners living in Shanghai.

The information is involved in basic facts, entry and exit, education, investment, foreign trade, transportation, justice and public health in Shanghai. The center also provides a free emergency translation service for foreigners.

Twenty government departments, as co-founders of the hotline, give advice on policies for the center.

The database of the center has more than 8 million words and over 50,000 entries stored.

The center will cooperate with the official hotline of Shanghai 2010 World Expo (962010) to offer multilingual information about World Expo.

The Japanese, Australian, Irish, Czech and German consulates in Shanghai recommend the call center to their citizens coming to Shanghai.

The center was launched in May, 2006.