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The 5th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair

May 4, 2017

The Shanghai Municipal Government's Information Office held a press conference on April 12 on the 5th China (Shanghai) International Technology Fair. The following are the highlights:

Zhong Xiaomin, deputy director, Shanghai Commerce Commission
Xu Pei, deputy director, Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration
Fu Guoqing, chief engineer, Shanghai Science and Technology Commission
Anna Adema, consul general of the Netherlands in Shanghai
Chi Hong, president, Shanghai East Best & Lansheng International (Group) Co Ltd

Xinhua News Agency: I have a question for Mr. Chi. The International Technology Fair has been held for four years, how has it aided the development of technology trade? Can you share with us more details about some projects, for example, Tencent Youtu's image identification and iFLYTECH's Xiaoyi translating machine?

Chi Hong: The fair focuses on technology trade and has achieved plenty of successful cases in the past four years. There were reports before and after the fair. Recently the fair's official WeChat account also released a series of articles on the outcome of previous fairs, including cases of technology trade, transfer and communication. We have new highlights this year and Director Shang has given a rather complete introduction.

Each year the fair tries to attract the most advanced technologies from both home and abroad. This year we are laying emphasis on innovative SMEs and start-ups. Our enrolment shows that 20 percent participants are from abroad. They will bring new technologies and projects.

To be more specific referring to regions, exhibitors from other provinces and cities take up 45 percent compared to 35 percent local participants and 20 percent foreign participants.

It is pertinent to mention that this year 24 countries and regions will be present at the fair, many of which are coming for the first time, for example Ireland, the UAE and Singapore. A total of 28 provinces and cities will also show up at the 5,100-square-meter exhibition hall. Director Shang mentioned many new technologies and you can also check the official WeChat account for more details.

Shanghai Science and Technology News: I have two questions for Director Xu from the Intellectual Property Administration. There is a themed day for intellectual property this year. What key events will be held on that day? Besides, altogether 12 opinions of intellectuals supporting the technology and innovation center in Shanghai were released last year. How did they turn out to be and will there be any new measures?

Xu Pei: Each year there is a themed day for intellectual property and our office is in charge of the organization. As April 26 is World Intellectual Property Day, we have arranged six events. The first is the Shanghai Brand Development Forum. Supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Shanghai municipal government, the forum will gather officials from the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration and the Shanghai Committee of Economy and Informatization to discuss the driving force of science and innovation and brand development. Scholars from home and abroad as well as enterprises will be invited to tap into intellectual property rights and brand developing strategy issues. The number of people attending is estimated to be 600.

For the second event, the Patent Reexamination Board of our administration will carry out circuit examination at Meeting Room No.7 of the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center, starting at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on April 20. Exhibitors and agencies are welcome to sit in. This event has been held for four consecutive years and has always been popular.
The third, the administration will present a conference on development of patent navigation industry innovation. Last year the administration analyzed the patent strategy for key industries and shared the outcome with exhibitors at the fair. This year we will focus on Internet communications. The conference will be held at Meeting Room No.1 of the Exhibition & Convention Center on the morning of April 22.

The fourth event will be Shanghai's Intellectual Property Briefing. Hosted by the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration and the Shanghai's Foreign Affairs Office, representatives from the consulates and other members on the intellectual property joint conference will be invited.

The fifth event covers a session of public trial at the court of intellectual property. The Intellectual Property Administration and the Shanghai People's Higher Court will hold the event together and bring typical cases into public view so as to let people learn more about this process.

The last will be a summit on China's individualized diagnosis and treatment and translational medicine. The fair organizer has initiated the event, which will be hosted by East Best & Lansheng International. The highlights will be intellectual property creation and protection of the biomedicine industry.

As to the second question, I would like to say that the Party and the government have released relevant opinions on making better use of intellectual property rights and supporting the construction of the technology and innovation center. This year we have improved our management and service level and done much for the construction of the center. I would like to present the three significant and innovative measures.

In promoting intellectual property transfer and operation, we have collaborated with the Finance Bureau and set up the Shanghai Industry Intellectual Property Operation and Start-up Center as well as an operation fund in 2016. The first phase has raised more than 200 million yuan for the application of intellectual property in biomedicine, high-end medical equipment and IT.

In promoting quality resources to gather in Shanghai, the Shanghai International College of Intellectual Property was established at Tongji University last year. Recruitment starts this September and by integrating resources, an international teaching faculty is set out to attract students from all over the world and to cultivate a first-class intellectual property talent pool. The Shanghai Intellectual Property Rights Trading Center was also established at the beginning of this year, as part of the key measures by Shanghai to construct a technology and innovation center that has global influence. This is also an important means to promote the transfer of intellectual property rights into value.

Also in protecting intellectual property rights we have new progress. In 2016, our administration explored the quick response mechanism for intellectual property in Pudong New Area and guided the construction of a complaint processing platform for intellectual property. We are also working with the justice and finance branch to issue provisions on dealing with disputes over intellectual property rights and developing various ways to protect the rights and solve problems. The cost of settling such conflicts has been reduced and the intellectual outcome can be properly protected. Meanwhile, we have been improving the intellectual property right services and protection mechanism, with work, including setting a service center and hotline at the venue and supplementing the process rules. So far we have not received a single complaint against the fair.

This is what we have accomplished so far in transferring the opinions into actual outcome. Next we will carry on with the focus on the Shanghai Free Trade Zone and the technology and innovation center with global influence and make intellectual property a powerful support for the innovation center and the free trade zone.

Science & Technology Daily: Mr. Fu, what are some of the highlights of this year's “Technology Transfer Area” at the fair?

Fu Guoqing: The Shanghai Science and Technology Commission has mobilized people in different sectors to participate in the fair, as per instructions from the Ministry of Science and Technology. President Xi Jinping has demanded that the innovation center be equipped with a global view and an international standard. This year, the “Technology Transfer Area” has the theme of “promoting technological outcome transfer and constructing a hub for global technology transfer”. It is different in three ways.

The feature of technology transfer is highlighted. Previously named “Technology Area”, it now sets out legal and policy services. We will display successful cases of technology transfer and organize some seminars. The overall process starting from the origin and the completion of the transfer to the legislation, as well as the services and activities along the way will be fully demonstrated.

The second point is that we will also turn to social focus like health and environmental issues. This year we have two perspectives, for one, cleaning technology. Through cleaning technology we should refresh the urban appearance with a cleaner and greener environment. Our exhibition will set foot in the industrial aspect and people's life with some stories to show the changes brought forth by technology. To be specific, local integrated sewage treatment system in suburban areas. Large cities don't need this kind of leveled treatment anymore, but in many rural and far less developed places, no matter in Shanghai or other regions, this system can be applied. Also there is the integrated treatment system for food garbage. Smart household trash is another attraction. Among the 15 firms to exhibit in this section, nine are from abroad.

Another of focus is biomedicine. We are emphasizing on traditional Chinese medicine becoming international and standard and connecting with global biomedicine and various massive health sectors. We will highlight China's features as well as Shanghai's features, for example, the chromatographic instrument from the Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, which will show the component analysis of TCM with chromatography. Shanghai Hutchison Pharmaceuticals will display Danning Pian, a kind of pill that got market license from Canada's Ministry of Health and the first compound Chinese medicine that was recognized by a Western government.

And third, we will borrow from our past experience, better combine technology and creativity and make our outcome a better and interactive story to tell. By using multimedia and digital means, people can interact with machines. You are welcome to come and see if you are interested. Technology is not something you can only see, but also something you can communicate with. We do hope to present Shanghai enterprises' strengths at the fair and provide them with more commercial chances. Thank you.

International Business Daily: Ms. Anneke Adema, Netherlands Consul General in Shanghai, the Netherlands is a country with advanced technology and innovation. As the Guest of Honor this year, what projects and activities will you bring to the fair?

Anna Adema: First, I really appreciate the Shanghai government and the fair committee for having the Netherlands as the Guest of Honor this year. We are a small country in terms of area and population. There are 17 million people in the Netherlands while the population of Shanghai has already reached 25 million. Meanwhile, it is 17th in global GDP rankings, which speaks for itself that we are a small country with powerful economy strength. We need to build a country with intelligence and innovation.

Innovation has been and will continue to be put on a significant pedestal. The common challenges as mentioned above, including food production, green technology and better environment, should stress not only innovation and intelligence, but also cooperation.

For the Netherlands, cooperation in the field of innovation is not limited to enterprises, but will extend to colleges, research institutes and international enterprises. Here are some of the examples.

You can see at the Netherlands hall at the International Technology Fair that those on display will cover large Dutch multinational corporations as well as SMEs and startups. These companies are engaged in the fields of agriculture, food, cleaning technology, environment and energy. We will hold seminars based on these sectors and other activities related to intellectual property.

People have been conservative about intellectual property events, but I think they can also promote mutual communication. Our activities will lay emphasis on the latter.

I hope by being the Guest of Honor at the International Technology Fair, cooperation between the two parties can be further promoted. The Netherlands' greenhouse technology is widely used in Chongming, Shanghai, which is a great example of Sino-Dutch cooperation in technology. We will also sign new projects and memoranda of understanding. There is a project on the test for air quality. It will not only record statistics on air quality, but also trace the origins of air pollution. I hope by being a part of this we can strengthen bilateral cooperation and confront challenges together.

Securities Times: What policies released at the fair will be helpful for enterprises faced with over-capacity and insufficient innovation so as to prevent the Mathew effect in technology innovation?

Zhong Xiaomin: We have set out to launch innovative technologies for SMEs. Those enterprises with overcapacity need to improve on their technologies. The International Technology Fair has been providing them with a platform to purchase technologies they need. Since the 3D printer, Tesla automobile and capsule endoscopy appeared in the first year, Chinese and foreign SMEs have been able to work with domestic enterprises. Capital is also available to upgrade the technology for overcapacity reform and more technology innovation. Plenty of cases in the past five years can demonstrate that technology finds a market and traditional enterprises find new directions here at the International Technology Fair.