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Best practices invited for sustainability awards

Jun 12, 2017

The selection of best practices of “Corporate Innovation and Urban Sustainability” started today. The activity aims to encourage Shanghai companies, including foreign-owned enterprises, to engage in innovation and help China meet its sustainability targets.

The activity is organized by Jiefang Daily, Shanghai Daily and with support from the municipal information office, commerce commission and environmental protection bureau.

The organizers hope the activity can yield best practices and show Shanghai's achievement in building a global city of excellence. The city has just issued the Shanghai Corporate Sustainable Development Report (2017).

In the next three months, workers will collect cases from foreign companies, private enterprises and state-owned corporations registered in Shanghai or have branches in Shanghai. Winners will receive the 2017 Sustainability Best Practice Awards, 2017 Sustainability Influencer Awards, and 2017 Sustainability Communications Awards.

Companies are welcome to participate in the activity and email their materials to Winners will be decided by the jury panel and public vote and announced at a meeting in September.