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Party probes 23,095 suspected violations

May 4, 2017

The Party disciplinary watchdog has investigated 23,095 suspected rule violations by local officials in the past five years, authorities said yesterday.

More than 6,500 of those investigated had received disciplinary punishments, and 422 were handed over to judiciary authorities, including 17 bureau-level leaders, said Wang Yongwei, a member of the standing committee of the city’s discipline inspection commission.

The offenses included 809 cases of violation against eight austerity rules, in which 820 officials were punished according to Party rules, including 67 bureau-level officials, Wang added.

Shanghai has been piloting the practice of asking government officials, who are due to be promoted, to declare personal information, including properties and marriages, and since 2013 has been inspecting such information.

About 35,000 middle or higher ranking officials report their personal information to the Party every year and more than 22,000 had been inspected, said Leng Weiqing, deputy director of the organizational department of the Party committee in Shanghai.

About 360 officials were found to have concealed necessary information and were thus warned or had their qualifications for promotion annulled.

Leng also pointed out that properties, stocks, equities and insurances were the main investment methods of leading officials in Shanghai, and that the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the central government required officials to declare all such information.

Shanghai has also inspected officials’ relatives as the government bans government officials’ spouses, children and spouses of their children from running businesses. Since 2015, about 1,800 officials have declared their family information and 180 were found with “problems,” whose family members then quit their enterprises, said Leng.

The statistics were released ahead of the city’s 11th Congress of Party Representatives, which will be held from Monday to May 12, with 810 representatives elected from all over the city.

The congress will review the work reports of the Party and the discipline inspection commission over the past five years and elect the 11th Party committee and discipline inspection commission in Shanghai.