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Hospitals to offer parents more options

Mar 30, 2017

Outpatient pediatric services will be restored to all 58 district-level hospitals by the end of the year.

Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission said yesterday this was to provide residents with more alternatives in seeking doctors for their children.

Meanwhile, all city-level and larger district-level hospitals would ensure emergency treatment, with 400 more beds to be added this year. Five percent of beds, or at least 30 beds in smaller hospitals, would be set aside for children.

There are currently 141 providers of outpatient pediatric services and 76 for emergency treatment, with the total number of hospital beds for children amounting to 4,000.

As increasingly more pediatric departments are found in hospitals across all districts of the city, the commission said pressure on the city’s hospitals for children and larger hospitals was being reduced.

This year, the commission will also improve pediatric services at 20 general hospitals based on best practices at the city’s established hospitals for children.

Wu Jinglei, head of the commission, said this project implied that both medical equipment and facilities and services would be tailored to the needs of children and their parents.

“Our young patients will have their thermometers, blood pressure meters and otoscopes, and we will also make sure that all furniture in the doctors’ offices is child-friendly,” he said.

Other measures include extending working hours of pediatric services and enabling appointments by the hour especially during peak times.

Wu said the goal was to reduce the waiting time for pediatric services to less than an hour by 2020.