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M50 Creative Park

Blossoms on the Old Tree

Located at No.50 Moganshan Road on the south bank of Suzhou Creek, Putuo District, M50 Creative Park, one of the birthplaces of national industries in Shanghai, is affliated to Shanghai Chunming Roving Factory.

The Park boasts of the best protected national textile industrial complex along Suzhou Creek spanning from the 1930s to the 1990s. Along with the Shanghai industrial restructuring in Shanghai, M50 Creative Park has, in line with the principle of “repairing the site in a way that retains historical appearances”, built one of the most influential and biggest clusters of cultural and creative industries in Shanghai.

Over the last decade, M50 Creative Park has adhered to the theme “Contemporary Visual Arts” for diversified development modes in various areas. Efforts have been intensified in building platforms and formulating relevant preferential policies. Over 140 artists’ studios, galleries, art colleges and other cultural and creative institutions from 20 countries and regions have settled down in the park, thus creating a prevalent cultural and creative atmosphere along Suzhou Creek.

Contact: Zhang Lili
Tel: 86-21-62660963-800
Address: Room 301, No.9 Moganshan Rd.
Postcode: 200060
Traffic Guide: Metro Line 1 to Shanghai Railway Station; Lines 3 and 4 to Zhongtan Road Station.

The Bridge 8 Creative Industries Cluster

Building a Creative Bridge Featuring Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection

The Bridge 8 Creative Industries Cluster is one of the first batches of creative industrial parks designated by Shanghai Municipal Government, with design and service outsourcing as its leading services. Located at No.8-10 Middle Jianguo Road, it is on the site of the formerly abandoned workshop of Shanghai Automobile Brakes Corporation.

There is a landmark creative bridge at the park. Adhering to environmental protection and energy conservation, the transformation of the Bridge 8 applies solar photovoltaic power generation systems, ground source heat pump air-conditioning systems and other technologies.

It has attracted more than 70 well-known creative companies both at home and abroad to settle down, over 70% of which engage in design services and professional services outsourcing. The enterprises in the park cover the industries of architectural design, interior design, fashion design, advertising, consultation, and film and television production. Today, the Bridge No. 8 has become a platform for creative designers to exchange ideas.

Contact: Lu Yanting
Tel: 86-21-64452466
Address: Building No.1, No.8-10 Middle Jianguo Rd., Luwan District, Shanghai
Postcode: 200025
Traffic Guide: Buses No. 24, 6, 17, 41 and 146; Tunnel Line 8.

Shanghai New No. 10 Steel Creative Industry Cluster

Former Steel Plant, Today’s Creative Arts Center

Shanghai New No. 10 Steel Creative Industry Cluster is a cluster of visual cultural industries built upon protective transformation and functional remodeling of the site of former Shanghai No.

10 Steel Plant. It covers the realms of arts exhibitions, artistic training, arts incubation, works of art storage, corporate demonstration, cultural exchange and creative entertainment. The cluster consists of Shanghai Sculpture Space, Red Town International Cultural Complex, the Multi-media Complex and Creative Arts Street.

The cluster has also attracted a great number of artists, entrepreneurs and renowned enterprises both at home and abroad, such as Minsheng Arts Museum, Red Bridge Gallery, Electrolux Brand Creative Hall, Shengling Gallery housing elaborate contemporary foreign art works and Sipek Salon with a collection of European glass works of art of New Baroque style.

Contact: Liu Ping, Ding Guoming
Tel: 86-21-62807844—201, 86-21-62805738
Address: No.570 West Huaihai Rd.
Postcode: 500052
Traffic Guide: Buses No. 113, 141, 506, 748, 836, 827, 945, 48, 72, 572, 149, 911, 855, 814, 806; Metro Lines 3, 4 and 10

1933 Old Millfun

Protection and Development, New Life from the Old Buildings

The 1933 Old Millfun was formerly the slaughter house of Shanghai Municipal Committee. Designed by British architect Balfours, it was crowned as No. 1 in the Far East at that time.

The restoration and transformation of 1933 Old Millfun followed the principle of “protective utilization” and “repairing the site in a way that retains historical appearances”, and at the same time, upgrading and installation of supporting systems and facilities were carried out to meet new requirements without interfering with the main structure.

In July 2009, Shanghai Design Window, the first public service platform for displaying, promoting, appreciating and trading in local original designs, was launched at 1933 Old Millfun. As a platform integrating the designing circle with the manufacturing industry, Shanghai Design Window has achieved an effective connection between the industrial chains, and promoted exchanges and cooperation among enterprises through project matchmaking, patent trading of designs, consultation and training, etc.

Contact: Zhou Jieyan
Tel: 86-21-65016559
Address: 5/F, No.10 Shajing Rd., Hongkou District
Postcode: 200080
Traffic Guide: Buses No. 145, 123 and 910; Metro Line 4 to Hailun Road Station

Zhangjiang Creative Industry Base of Culture and Technology

To Establish an Incubation Base of Creative Industries with Policy-guided Corporate Operation

Zhangjiang Creative Industry Base of Culture and Technology is characteristic of creative industrial incubation development in the form of corporate operation under the guidance of government policies.

When the base was first established, the government of Pudong New Area introduced relevant measures to support the development of cultural industries in order to reinforce the core competitiveness of the cultural and creative industries. As a main operational entity of the base, Zhangjiang Creative Cultural Industry Development Co., Ltd. has taken the lead to build some technical platforms for public service, investment and financing, such as Public Service Platform for Animation R&D, Public Service Platform for Post-Production of Films and TV Programs.

Value-added advisory and consultative services at low cost have been provided with equal emphasis on properties provision, policy implementation and system innovation. The incubation has helped the enterprises reduce start-up costs and risks. Today, the base has witnessed the rapid concentration of enterprises and the stable growth of their output. An industrial pattern with four leading industries has been further clarified: online games, animation, post-production of films and TV programs and creative design.

Contact: Wang Lin
Tel: 86-21-50801818-6019
Address: Room 612, 6/F, No.69 North Zhangjiang Rd., Shanghai
Postcode: 201203
Traffic Guide: Metro Line 2 to Zhangjiang High-tech Station

Universal Creative Industries Cluster

Digital Creative “New World”

Universal Creative Industries Cluster is a cultural industry park with internet as the leading industry. It is also one of the largest cultural and creative industries clusters in downtown Shanghai. Over the years, it has been gradually developed into an industrial cluster dominated by software development, software outsourcing, e-commerce, games and animation, creative design and other industries. A number of powerful high-tech creative enterprises have emerged.

Contact: Yuan Lingling
Tel: 86-21-61423089
Address: 1/F, Building No.2, No.879 Zhongjiang Rd.
Traffic Guide: Buses No. 765 and 67

2577 Creative Garden

A Creative Center on the Site of the Old Firearms Factory

The 2577 Creative Garden, located at No.2577 Longhua Road, Shanghai, was formerly the site of Jiangnan Firearms Factory set up by Li Hongzhang during the Westernization Movement in the Qing Dynasty, the location of China’s first industrial design institute, known as the "cradle of Western arts in China", and the birthplace of Chinese modern industrial design.

The 2577 Creative Compound has made new-media-based creative industry the core of the industrial development, involving advertisement plan and design, public relations and exhibition planning, new media industry, artistic creation, and other sectors of design and consultation, and modern service industries. BLOG BUS, FOXTOWN, Allied Advertising, Jingliang Cultural Communications and Yan Youren Sculpture Studio in the Garden have earned good reputations in their respective circles.

Contact: Guan Youfang
Tel: 86-21-64681702-105
Address: No.2577 Longhua Rd.
Postcode: 200232
Website: Traffic Guide: 20-minute-drive from the People’s Square.

Shanghai Fashion Hub

The New Silicon Valley for Fashion Industry

Located at No.1718 Tianshan Road, Shanghai Fashion Hub is on the site of the former Shanghai Clutch Factory. The transformation got off the ground in April 2004.

It focuses on building a public technical service platform for the garment industry in Shanghai in order to support and foster the urban fashion industry. As of 2007, Shanghai Fashion Hub had gathered 38 influential R&D enterprises of garment, accessories and fashion design both at home and abroad, including Shanghai Branch of China Fashion Design, Shanghai Institute of Bunka Fashion College, Mao Geping Image Design Art School, Shanghai Fushan Media Co., Ltd.

Some industrial institutions have also been established in the park, such as China Secretariat of Asian Fashion Federation and Shanghai Representative Office of China Fashion Association.

Contact: Yuan Zihong
Tel: 86-21-62298439
Address: No.1718 Tianshan Rd.
Postcode: 200051
Traffic Guide: Bus 71; Metro Lines 2, 3 and 4

Highstreet Loft Out of an Old Street

New Space of Creative Fashion

Located at No.508 Jiashan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, Highstreet Loft was built out of the old plants of Shanghai Three Gun Group Ltd.

It focuses on building an incubation platform for fashion designers, fashion design display and trading.

A fashion industrial chain has been developed at Highstreet Loft from creative designing to marketing.

It has attracted a large number of fashion practitioners and high-end fashion fans.


Contact: Wu Jieping
Tel: 86-21-64715665-116
Address: No.508 Jiashan Rd.
Postcode: 200031
Traffic Guide: Buses No. 43, 931, 218; Xuchuan Line; Metro Line 4

Western Suburb-Xinqiao Creative Industrial Park

A Nestle for Phoenix - Support the Development of Modern Service Industry

Western Suburb-Xinqiao Creative Industrial Park, formerly Shanghai Jintu Sweater Factory, is a cluster of Shanghai creative industries, one of the fourth batches approved by the Shanghai Municipal Economy and Information Technology Commission.

Adhering to the development mode of "creative design, fashion leisure", the Park has attracted innovative and distinctive high-end enterprises.

So far there have been 52 enterprises from 15 countries and regions in the park, 60% of which are engaged in architectural decoration and design as well as design for clothing and furniture, 25% engaged in cultural and artistic creation, including Uwell Trading Co., Ltd. (Australia), Danilo Co., Ltd. (Italy), Shanghai Highway Danskov Tech & Trade Co., Ltd. (Denmark), BIG BAMBOO, etc. It has also attracted some influential celebrities both at home and abroad such as Han Jiaying, Zhu Xiaojie, Walter Chen, and Shen Fan.

Contact: Yang Yuhua
Tel: 86-21-64068697
Address: No.731 Hongxu Rd.
Postcode: 201103
Website: http//
Traffic Guide: Buses No. 48, 69, 149, 757 and 809