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Development of Creative Industry in Shanghai

With the thriving development of international creative industry, Shanghai’s creative industry, as an important aspect of the transformation of economic development mode, has become one of the important newly emerging industries, strongly driving other industries.

As the industry section in downtown area is transferred to the suburbs, plenty of old plants have been left in Shanghai’s urban district, which represent the development history of the city and the industrial civilization since the 19th century and provide an exceptional environment for the development of the creative industry. At present, Shanghai’s creative industry, based on the preservation of historical industrial buildings, focuses on such fields in design as R&D, architecture, culture, consumption, and consultation so as to be incorporated into city functions.

As of October 2009, a total of 81 creative industry parks have been officially registered in 14 districts of Shanghai such as Xuhui, Hongkou, Changning, Zhabei, Yangpu and Luwan, etc., in which over 4,000 enterprises with 80,000 employees have settled down, occupying a total area of 2.5 million m2. A grand sum of nearly RMB 7 billion funds are attracted to the construction of the clusters, among which there are some paying over 100 million tax per year, such as Tongji Rim Cluster of Design and Creative Industry, Space 188, Zhangjiang Creative Industry Base of Culture and Technology. The added value of creative industry has increased to RMB 104.875 billion in 2008 from RMB 49.3 billion in 2004, with an annual growth rate of more than 20% and taking up 7.66% in Shanghai’s GDP from the prior 5.8%.

Up until now, the Shanghai International Creative Industry Week has been successively held for five sessions, becoming the “name card” of the development of Shanghai’s creative industry. The 2009 Shanghai International Creative Industry Week has attracted more than 30 countries and regions and over 20 cities in China, 500-plus enterprises and 200,000 visitors, much larger than the former four sessions in terms of scale and quality. More than 1,000 undergraduates from several renowned universities engaged in the competition of New Undergraduate Designer Prize, a newly added award in the session, and finally 10 students from seven universities were selected from 2000 pieces of works and won the prize.

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