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Announcement on
Shanghai Expo Photo Collection

Shanghai will publish the Chronicle of World Expo 2010 Shanghai to faithfully record the wonderful and unforgettable moments of World Expo 2010. The editorial committee of the book, in cooperation with Shanghai Daily, is now collecting photographs of the event from foreign visitors in an effort to display the Expo scene from different perspectives.

1. Date: from now to June 20

2. Participants: Open to all foreign visitors

3. Content:

(1). The work shall fully display the Expo theme “Better City, Better Life”. Detailed content may involve Expo site services, Expo volunteers and visitors.

(2). Photographs should be taken between December 3, 2002 (when Shanghai won the bid for Expo 2010) and October 31, 2010 (the end of Expo 2010).

(3). The work shall be taken mainly in Shanghai.

(4). The work shall have obvious Expo scenes or backgrounds.

(5). The work shall be original and shall not be an infringement of another’s intellectual property rights. The photo provider shall take all legal responsibility for any possible infringement.

(6). The work shall not involve discrimination involving nations, religion, race or sex.

4. Requirements

(1). The work can be either a color or black-and-white photograph; it can be either a single picture or group pictures (three and more). Electronic version is needed.

(2). The resolution shall be 300dpi. JPG, TIF or PSD are acceptable. Reversal film, computer-processed photo and photocopies are not allowed.

(3). Title of the work and relevant information (including date, location, purpose, author, and origin of creation) shall be attached with the work.

(4). The author shall provide their name, address, phone number and e-mail address.

(5). The work will not be returned regardless of whether being selected for the book or not. Please keep a negative or draft.

5. Selection Method

The editorial committee of the Record of Shanghai Expo will organize experts to launch two rounds of selection for all the submissions. All the selected works will be published in the Chronicle of World Expo Shanghai 2010, and the authors will be presented certificates and books as a souvenir.

6. Submission Method

Please submit your photos to the following email addresses: