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'Amazing Shanghai' photo show tours US cities

Jun 9, 2017

"Amazing Shanghai," a photo exhibition organized by the Shanghai Municipal Information Office, opened on Wednesday at the Ontario International Airport in Los Angeles.

Nearly 100 guests attended its opening, including LA officials and Sun Lushan, Chinese deputy consul-general in Los Angles. They viewed pictures on the theme "Shanghai, the City of Innovation" and enjoyed a virtual-reality flight over Shanghai wearing VR glasses.

Nick Ut, a retired Associated Press photographer and the winner of the 1973 Pulitzer Prize, spoke about his visits to Shanghai and said he felt excited about this city on every trip. "I love Shanghai," he expressed aloud.

The photo exhibition contains 80 pictures taken by Chinese and foreign photographers in Shanghai, including the works of Nick Ut, a Vietnamese-American. The show will move to city libraries in South Pasadena, Pasadena and West Covina afterwards.