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Press Release for Media Briefing of the Shanghai Municipal Government on August 13, 2020

August 15, 2020

The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality held the fifth “Quality Development, Quality Life” Series Media Briefing today (August 13), during which Party Secretary of Baoshan district Wang Hong introduced the social and economic development of Baoshan district in recent years. Chen Jie, deputy Party chief and governor of Baoshan district, Ding Jiongjiong, director of Baoshan Development and Reform Commission, Zhang Liying, director of Baoshan Agricultural and Rural Areas Committee, and Xu Qian, director of Baoshan Bureau of Housing Security and Management, attended the press conference and jointly answered questions from reporters.

Sitting at the conjuncture of the Yangtze River, Huangpu River and Dongwu River, Baoshan, known as Shanghai’s ‘waterway and land hub’, is an important base for the city’s steel, logistics, port and industry. The superior geographical location has allowed Baoshan to boast a profound history of ‘centenary opening-up, municipal administration, industry, military and education’. Living the practice of ‘People’s city is built by the people and for the people”, Boshan has pulled in strength to pursue high quality development, seek high-quality life, achieve high-quality governance. The district vows to build itself into an international cruise city with better charm and an intelligent manufacturing hub with bigger dynamism.

I. Adhere to innovation and creation to constantly improve the level of economic development.

Baoshan insists on taking innovation as its No.1 driving force for development. It has embarked on a new path featuring innovation-driven development and the gear- switching from old to new growth momentum, and aims to create a new highland for the development of strategic emerging industries and a new demonstration zone for the integrated development of the industries and the city.

First, the economic ‘trioka’ has embarked on concerted development. The district has focused on developing investment, consumption, foreign investment and foreign trade. Effective investment has seen rapid growth. This year has witnessed the joint launch of 78 major industrial projects with total investment amounting to 120 billion yuan. These include the construction kickoff for JD E-commerce Operation Demonstration Base, global headquarters for SH Corporation, the Super Factory project for Shanghai Pharma, as well as R&D Demonstration Center of ASYS Group. The district has managed to expand the radius for attracting investment through cloud-based meetings and engaging with prospective investors, introducing a batch of advanced headquarters projects like the intelligent global headquarters for Quicktron, the Yangtze River Delta headquarters for AInnovation, and the East China headquarters for Euphausia superba. The layout for new infrastructure projects has also seen the smooth ground-breaking for projects like Bao Cloud IDC and China Transport Telecommunications and Information Center. Consumption has exhibited vitality. During the “May 5 Shopping Festival” and “June 6 Night Life Festival”, district leaders have taken the lead to promote products via livestreaming and in turn unlocked consumption potential. Six characteristic night markets like Sanlinqiao, Intelligent Bay and Baoshan Wanda are shaping up to be the latest darlings for the night economy and fashion hubs with huge hypes among the online community. A number of new consumption enterprises like Dingdang Kuaiyao, Zhngxiaomen have quickly taken off. Foreign capital and foreign trade projects have expanded in breadth and depth. The district is prioritizing the promotion of foreign projects including DiaSori, Asys Automatic System,Aieraisi,Tansuo Nanda, Xixiang Investment and Shan Quanqiao, striving to construct a more open industrial system.

Second, major sectors have experienced accelerated rise. Insisting on the integrated and interdependent development of industries and the city, the district has taken fresh steps in transforming and upgrading key sectors. Built from scratch, the Shanghai Wusong International Cruise Terminal has grown to become the top passenger port in Asia for consecutively three years and even made it to the global top four within five years, which is arguably a Shanghai brand that has created the Chinese legend. It has ushered in a series of ‘debut’ measures, such as the creation of the first ‘China Cruise Tourism Development Demonstration Zone”, the first cruise ticketing system, and the first cruise comprehensive insurance. It has also built the country’s first and biggest onshore duty-free shop, established the Wusong International Cruise Leisure Zone, and won approval for building the Shanghai Cruise Service Innovative Development Demonstration Zone. At present, Wusong International Cruise Terminal is using the window period to optimize space development along the riverside, comprehensively renovate and upgrade neighboring areas around the International Cruise Terminal, and make the 6-kilometer-long riverside shoreline and green space open to the public. Key projects such as Long Beach, Maritime Traffic Control Center, the renovation of "Oriental Eye" and the riverside commercial and business center are being promoted in an orderly manner. The construction plan of Wusong Innovation City and the detailed plan of the first piece land in the area have been approved. The construction of Bao Steel Expo Center has been accelerated, the Boxiu Hui Industrial Park has been put into operation, and the first project of Stainless Steel Group No.20 and the inaugural project of Baoyang Road of Special Steel have started construction. Nanda Smart City ‘s Lingang intelligent headquarters project has accelerated construction, and Discovery’s ‘dual headquarters’ project totaling 10 billion yuan has also landed in the district. Shanghai Robot Industrial Park, North Shanghai Biomedical Industrial Park and Super New Material Science and Technology Park have been selected as among the 26 characteristic industrial parks citywide.

Third, steady industrial upgrade has been achieved. The district is pulling in resources, keeping a close eye on leading enterprises in a bid to build industrial clusters worth hundreds of billions of yuan, which are large scale and stand to support the development of relevant industries. The district has accelerated the introduction of projects like robotics and smart manufacturing parks, in which the second construction phase of Sinylon were completed and the implementation of Fanuc Super Smart Factory and Auto Industrial Internet Headquarters Base were being fast-forwarded. The district is piloting the development of the platform economy in the iron and steel sector, with the trading volume on BankSteel and Ouyeel e-commerce platforms claiming half of total transaction volume generated nationwide. A number of "new economy" enterprises, such as Weimob, Quicktron,Piaoyitong, Aihuishou and Histomed have bucked the overall gloomy trend to record revenue growth. The district has gathered innovation momentum and is speeding up the construction of important function areas of science and technology innovation centers by adding two national level (specialized) public space this year. A major science and technology innovation circle in the district has brought together 335 major patent holders. The project of "Research on Preparation of High-quality Graphene Electronic Materials" has won the first prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award, the project of "Key Technologies and Applications of Large and Medium-sized Aircraft Flight Simulation System" has won the first prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Progress Award, and 1.5 inch graphene single crystal has created the world record of single nucleus graphene crystal in size and growth speed. The district has optimized financial services, supporting enterprises to optimize the financing structure through convertible bonds and innovative venture bonds, and support enterprises to go public listing. The introduction of biomedical related funds such as Shengluo investment, Boquan Qianfei serves to promote industrial development.

Fourth, business environment continues to improve. The district has strived to create a business environment with faster speed, lower costs, and better services. The district has seen an average addition of 97 new enterprises per day. It has deepened the reform of project examination and approval, promoted innovative practices in project approval, such as allowing relatively insignificant materials to be submitted at a later stage, and taken the lead in realizing" integration of examination and registration" nationwide. These efforts have led to a 70 percent reduction in time required for getting administrative licensing item approvals. The district has carried forward with “One Unified Online Portal for Civic Services”, jumpstarted the pilot project of automatic processing of civic affairs without human intervention, and launched 27 "AI-backed intelligent office" items such as issuing food business license. The JD E-commerce operation demonstration base project has managed to start construction in the same month it unveiled its nameplate. Baoshan has enriched policy supply and introduced a string of version 3.0 new policies, such as the "1 + 9" policy and relevant assistant service to optimize business environment. The district has also implemented relevant talent policies, improve talent-related work, and consolidated the brand-building efforts for "Baoshan Talents”.

II. Build a livable and workable city, and continuously optimize the quality of urban life

The district adopts the concept of smart growth and compact city, and elaborately portrays the “meticulous painting” of urban governance with “embroidery skills”, and promote Baoshan to have more connotation, charm, and vitality.

First, the ecological environment has been newly improved. The district made resolute efforts in pollution prevention and control to make the city more ecological, greener, more beautiful, and more livable. It strived to win the battle for a blue sky, and pioneered the “block chief” and “road chief” systems for dust prevention and control. The detailed “block chief” system 3.0 has been refined and broken down to 169 grids. The district worked hard to maintain clean water by implementing the lake/river chief system for 953 water bodies, and exploring the establishment of innovative mechanisms such as “departmental river chief”, “corporate river chief”, “troop river chief” and “assistant to river chief”. The district recruited 220 citizens to serve as civil river chiefs for 551 rivers. The district managed to protect the land by speeding up the construction of renewable energy utilization centers, and taking the lead in establishing a district-level hazardous waste collection, storage, and transfer platform for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Second, Beautiful Baoshan presented new highlights. Efforts were made to promote refined management and further improve the people-friendly environment. The district strived to build “beautiful homes”, accelerated construction of indemnificatory housing, and further sped up the transformation of “villages in the city”. The district fully implemented the initiative to retain, revamp and demolish old buildings, built beautiful-home demonstration communities, and installed elevators in multi-story residential buildings. The district expanded “beautiful neighborhoods”, and actively promoted the construction of 30 “beautiful neighborhoods” (segments). The “beautiful countryside” was upgraded, and the “1+4+5” rural revitalization demonstration villages were comprehensively promoted. The appearance of villages was significantly improved, and the rural living environment ranked second in the city.

Third, major projects achieved new progress. Since the 13th Five-Year Plan period, the total investment in major projects has exceeded 80 billion yuan. The road network system was improved day by day. Efforts were made to build three vertical and four horizontal traffic paths, to build eight vertical and 13 horizontal backbone roads, to create a “micro-circulation” system extending in all directions, and to accelerate adaptation into integrated development in the Yangtze River Delta. Transportation became more convenient. Together with the construction of the northern area and large residential areas in Gucun and Luodian, 82 new bus lines were newly opened, optimized and adjusted, and the district took the lead citywide in realizing full coverage of electronic bus stop signs. The district promoted the “micro-circulation” transformation of urban roads, and implemented a total of 60 projects to effectively alleviate road congestion and travel difficulties. The district used idle and vacant land and spaces below bridges to increase supply of parking facilities, and set up night parking sections to ease the difficulty in parking at night in residential communities.

Fourth, new results were achieved in the construction of a safe environment. The district strived to ensure safe operation of the city and stability of the society in a spirit of being responsible to people. The district was selected into the first batch of pilot projects for modernization of social governance in the country, as it developed a dense public security prevention and control network, and steadily advanced the construction of intelligent security in communities throughout the district. The district delivered on “Fengqiao Experience” in the new era, substantively operated a non-litigation dispute resolution center, and resolved 99.9% of disputes received via 110 hotline immediately onsite.

III. Promote co-governance and sharing, and people’s sense of gain is further enhanced

The district gives top priority to people, and respects public opinions, pools people’s wisdom, gathers people’s strength, and improves people’s livelihood in all the work of urban construction and development.

First, the district continuously improved grassroots social governance. It strengthened the leadership of Party building, placed focus, resources and power down into the grassroots level, and better empowered the neighborhoods, towns and villages so as to improve governance. The district promoted the “unified online management system” and the district’s urban transportation center was effectively operating. Large-screen display system was implemented in communities, together with 26,000 intelligent sensing devices and high-definition video surveillance. The district made good use of smart approaches to revamp and upgrade the “Community Link”, optimized and upgraded sections such as the farmers’ market, property administration window, and connection with the property owners’ committee, thus promoting more efficient community governance. The district stimulated the vitality of self-governance, built an innovative base to practice innovation in community governance, vigorously cultivated a new batch of “vital building groups”, and boosted the spirit of ownership. The district promoted the compliant construction, formulated measures to clean up and standardize village regulations, standardized the construction of neighborhood committees, and assisted villages in accessing administrative affairs.

Second, the social security system was deepened and improved. The district actively built a multi-level social security system so that people can share the fruits of reform and development. The district improved employment security, accelerated the implementation of policies such as online vocational training subsidies, unemployment insurance premium refunds, and stable employment subsidies for enterprises in industries with challenging situations, and increased support like secured loans to start-up firms, as well as providing venues and various types of subsidies for start-ups. The district developed a subsidy application system to realize online operations of declaration, confirmation, and review, which is the first such system in the city. The district carried out “cloud recruitment” activities such as online recruitment of college graduates and Douyin livestreaming recruitment campaign. The district strengthened elderly care, and orderly promoted the construction of beds for the elderly, elderly care homes, beds for the elderly with dementia, catering service places for the elderly, and comprehensive service centers for the elderly. The district explored the “Internet + elderly care” service model, and innovatively launched the “Yinling Home Treasure” and “Yinling e-life” projects to achieve full coverage of streets and towns and served more than 110,000 people in total. The district strengthened healthcare security, continued to optimize the team building of family doctors, and promoted the comprehensive reform of community health services in an orderly manner.

Third, the district rapidly carried out education and health undertakings. The district adhered to the people-centered approach, so that ordinary people can enjoy better education resources and higher-level medical and health services at their doorsteps. The district strived to provide first-class education to the satisfaction of the people. The Baoshan campus of the N0.2 High School of East China Normal University was established, and the district cooperated with Shanghai Normal University to set up Baoshan Experimental School affiliated to Shanghai Normal University and Qianxi School. Ten schools were newly built, renovated and expanded, and five inclusive nursery school projects were implemented as previously planned, which further improved the quality and balance of education resources in the district. High-quality medical resources were more accessible. Wusong Hospital of Zhongshan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University was inaugurated. The Baoshan District TCM-integrated Hospital and Wusong Central Hospital were among the first batch of regional medical center construction units in the city. The signing rate of key groups for the family doctor program was 86.24%, ranking first in the city.

Fourth, cultural and sports undertakings were more attractive. The district nourished the connotation of the city with culture, tourism, and sports, widely benefited urban residents, and enhanced the connotation of art and culture. The cultural tourism brand became more well-known. The Shanghai Baoshan International Folk Arts Festival has been successfully held for 10 times, engaging 52 countries, 141 arts teams, 3,342 guests and folk artists. The Chen Bochui International Children’s Literature Award series of activities has continuously improved its international awareness and scope of participation. Known as the “Olympics for ballroom dancing”, the Blackpool Dance Festival (China), an international top dance event, has been held in Baoshan for four years, setting a record for the highest number of participants in a century. The Shanghai Opera film “The Lady of the Mountain” won the Best Opera Film Award at the 32nd China Film Golden Roosters Award, achieving a breakthrough for Shanghai local opera at the Golden Roosters Award; The film also participated in the 67th San Sebastian Film Festival and other international Class A film festivals, and was favored by foreign judges. The could-based cultural and sports activities have seen improved quality and expanded channels. The district held activities such as online aesthetic education classes for citizens, and opened the “Baoxiao Physical Fitness Cloud Class”, benefiting 5.8 million people. The layout of cultural and sports facilities was improved, with orderly progress in building and revamping the Long Beach Concert Hall, Shanghai Anti-Japanese War Memorial, Baoshan District Culture Center, and Yanghang Sports Center, as the district strived to create first-class cultural landmark IPs.