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Press Release for May 14, 2018 Media Breifing (morning session) by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government

May 15, 2018

Press Release for May 14, 2018 Media Breifing (morning session) by the Shanghai Municipal People's Government


A press conference about the Shanghai Science Festival is held in the morning today (May 14) by the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality. Zhang Quan, the Shanghai Science and Technology Commission’s director, introduced preparation and information of the festival. Gan Pin, the science commission’s deputy director; Ni Minchen, vice director of the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission; Yi Chengdong, vice director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Health and Family Planning and He Huijuan, the inspector of the Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions also attended the conference and answered questions from journalists.

Founded in 1991, the Shanghai Science Festival is the China's first government-organized science and technology festival, also the world’s second in its kind. Municipal party committee and municipal government leaders attach great importance to the festival. In 2017, the festival achieved a comprehensive revision upgrade with improved influence and brand awareness, which has become a key city-level event to showcase Shanghai's scientific and technological innovation strength and the latest achievements. It becomes another major city brand event besides the Shanghai Tourism Festival, the Shanghai International Film Festival and the Shanghai International Art Festival. It also becomes key activity carrier for implementing the city party and government leaders’ strategy and decision to deploy "four brands”.

This year's science festival presents three features: "Multi-level, Diversity and Innovation”. Multi-level covers more than 1000 activities to be held during the festival. They are organized by city, district and street community organizers, carrying out characteristic, rich and colorful contents. Diversity means the festival covers various events. They include rich scientific lectures, the combination of science and art stage performances, exhibitions on the themes of science and technology, scientists’ face-to-face meetings with the public and opening days of universities, research institutes and key laboratories. Innovation means various formats and targets of the festival. It not only adheres to the targets as popularization of scientific knowledge, promotion of scientific methods, dissemination of scientific ideas and promotion of scientific spirit”, but also strives to develop new forms of innovative carriers to attract more public participation. In conclusion, the Shanghai Science Festival has brought positive impacts on the Shanghai citizens ' scientific spirit and the city’s whole innovative atmosphere.

With the city government’s approval, the Shanghai Science Festival will be held from May 19 to 26 in the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum as main event site, with the theme as “Innovation--Marching to the center of Technology innovation with global influence”. The organizing committee will dig into the content of activities, focus on innovative activities, actively explore ways to promote the brand quality of the events. It has set the city strength to offer a large-scale and rich-content technology carnival to the public in Shanghai.

The preparation of the festival covers as following:

The 2018 Shanghai Science Festival will organize activities covering 10 sections:

Opening: The launching ceremony and the “Science Red Carpet Show” will be held at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum (main venue of the festival) and scientists and scientific workers will be invited to walk the red carpet to create an ambience demonstrating passion and respect for science among the general public. Renowned scientists including Wang Jianyu, Ding Kuiling, Ning Guang, Cui Weicheng and Sun Qiang, leading technological talents including Yin Zhiyao,Zhu Jun and Yan Yunfu, as well as guests from overseas such as Garik Israelyan, astronomer and founder of the Norway Science Festival, Rawin Raviwongse, director of the National Science Museum of Thailand and Daniel Vincent McCarthy, chief executive officer and co-founder of the Festival of Curiosity in Ireland, will be invited to walk the red carpet.

Social benefit: During the science festival, admission fees for about 300 scientific education bases will be either waived or reduced. Some 100 key labs at colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and Fortune Global 500 companies will invite the public to visit their places and share their stories to let more people feel the charm of science and bring the science closer to ordinary people. Moreover, scientists, scientific workers and volunteers will offer guidance and help for the public to participate in various events held during the festival.

Forum: During the science festival, forums and panel discussions on various topics will be organized. For instance, celebrities from similar festival organizers from China, Germany, Slovenia, Ireland, Italy, Estonia, Thailand, Australia and Norway will be invited to attend an international salon to discuss future cooperation while directors of popular science venues and representatives of popular science enterprises in the Yangtze River delta region will be invited to attend a forum focusing on the joint construction of popular science venues and sharing of resources. The forum aims to combine enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and other related industry players to create synergy and boost integration for the region’s popular science industry.  

Competition: Award ceremonies for Shanghai’s 5th popular science interpretation competition and the 5th innovative production competition will be held at the main venue of the festival where outstanding produced popular science works and theatrical plays produced locally in recent years will also be displayed and staged as well. Moreover, a series of competitions such as the city’s 16th “Future Star of Science” Youth Competition, the 2018 Shanghai International Makers’ Competition and the International Popular Science Microfilm Competition will also be held to raise public awareness of scientific innovation and to improve hands-on practice.

Science & Art:  An exhibition titled “The Story of Time” will be held at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum, or the main venue of the festival. Clocks and watches, the main items on the display, coupled with interactive exhibits, images and texts, and media, will form the key content regarding time and timepieces which will jointly demonstrate to the visitors the basic concept of time, the relationship between time and the mankind as well as the technological means adopted by human beings to measure time.

Audio-visual: A special science and technology themed dream show called "Young Edison" featuring youth people and teenagers' science dreams. Famous scientists and young people will be invited to share their life stories and scientific dreams and a dialogue will be held to inspire the future generations. It would be designed to stay close to science and fall in love with science, to further reinforce the public's innovative spirits, and to provide a strong momentum to strengthen the role of science and technology innovation as a pivotal of comprehensive innovation.

Youth: Shanghai Youth Science Festival will be held. At the same time, it will further upgrade the parent-child branding event “Science Night”, and to extend the opening of some popular science venues into the evening hours. It would also hold a series of popular science activities to enrich the experience of popular scientific programs for the public. On the scene of the Science Night, besides experiencing various kinds of high-tech products and various scientific interactive projects, a number of scientific programs such as science experiments, talk shows and science dramas will also be put on stage.

Enterprise: An "Innovation and New Enterprise Launch Conference" will be held, which would invite scientists and scientific researchers to interpret the public's innovative and representative scientific and technological achievements in the form of TED lectures.

Companies and academic institutions including SAIC, Shanghai Electric, Shanghai Zhaoxin, Cambricon Technologies, OnChain and Fudan University will bring their latest scientific research outcomes and other latest scientific and technological information.

In addition, university students can also join programs to get closer to top Fortune 500 companies such as Roche Pharmaceuticals, Novartis Group, Shanghai Electric, SAIC, etc. They would be allowed to experience the operation and atmosphere of the company and they will also have the chance to communicate face-to-face with scientists and engineers so they would have a better plan their career future.

Collaboration: District-level science and technology festivals and events will be held in all 16 districts that are in line with the Shanghai Science Festival.

The Shanghai municipal government committees and related offices will also conduct a series of popular science activities with the theme surrounding the Shanghai Science Festival.

In addition to the Youth Science and Technology Festival organized by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions will hold a employees' science and technology festival in 2018, and the Shanghai Health and Family Planning Commission will also hold their own Shanghai Health and Technology Week.

Closing: The closing ceremony of the National Science and Technology Week in 2018 will be held in Shanghai again. The Shanghai International Science and Technology Exhibition and Performance will serve as the closing ceremony for the National Science and Technology Week as well as the closing ceremony of Shanghai Science and Technology Festival.

At that time, through the combination of science and technology and art, in the form of stage performances, Shanghai will demonstrate the achievements made by the city and companies while striving to build Shanghai into a science and technology innovation center with global influence, and the new outcomes achieved by Shanghai's science popularization work in recent years.

The Shanghai Science Festival in this year will greet Shanghai people with a more international, more people-friendly, and more technological outlook. This municipality regards the Shanghai Science and Technology Festival as a conference for innovative results, a showcase for technology products, and a festival for scientific and technological workers.

The Shanghai Science Festival is set to become a science and technology carnival that with global influence, which also matches with Shanghai's position as a global metropolitan with strong capability in technological innovation and a global leader in science and technology innovation.