City’s publicity minister meets CNBC guests

Nov 10, 2017

Dong Yunhu, minister of the Publicity Department

Deputy director of Shanghai Information Office meets the president of Czech Literature Agency

Oct 23, 2017

Su Rongjuan(third from right), deputy director

Xu Wei meets Turkish media delegation

Oct 10, 2017

Full List Press Conferences

Guidelines for facilitating the innovation and development of the cultural and creative industry in Shanghai

Jan 2, 2018

Construction of Public Legal Service System of Shanghai

Dec 28, 2017

Innovation and Development of State-owned Enterprises in Shanghai

Dec 26, 2017

Guidelines for Development of New Generation of Artificial Intelligence

Dec 14, 2017

Q & A for resident journalists

Answers to most frequently asked questions such as how to apply for a journalist card, and how to...

SICIV - Center for Int’l Visitors

The SICIV, located in Xintiandi in Luwan District, was jointly established by the Information Office of the Shanghai...