Kazakhstan media delegation visits Shanghai

Dec 10, 2015

World Cities Day observed in Milan, Italy

Nov 4, 2015

An event was held in Milan, Italy on Octob...

Publicity officials meet Phoenix TV delegation

Sep 7, 2015

Full List Press Conferences

Shanghai raises purchase thresholds to cool home prices

May 19, 2016

Shanghai to enhance IPR use and protection

Apr 21, 2016

Shanghai's efforts to regulate collection, use and management of public credit information

Apr 13, 2016

Shanghai's new population and family planning regulation

Apr 7, 2016

Q & A for resident journalists

Answers to most frequently asked questions such as how to apply for a journalist card, and how to...

SICIV - Center for Int’l Visitors

The SICIV, located in Xintiandi in Luwan District, was jointly established by the Information Office of the Shanghai...